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We are young and thriving, Instituto Cervantes accredited, Spanish School in Spain located in the center of Madrid. We love to provide all our students with an unforgettable learning experience.

Meet the

Our teachers are a young, dynamic team with an important journey in teaching. All of them are native speakers and have a specific qualification that allows them to carry out their work with seriousness, preparation, and excellence. All of them have also completed their master’s degree in Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE) and most are DELE examiners.

They all have a true vocation, their passion is teaching and promoting our Spanish culture. Our teachers will be the ones who will guide you through your learning experience in our Spanish school!

Also, do not forget about our amazing multilingual Student Care Team. You might not see them all, but they are full of enthusiasm. They are open-minded and love to meet new cultures. They are focused on enhancing the experience of every student. They will help with any problem or need you may have. An essential support for your stay in Madrid!

Student Care Team

Italian by birth but Spanish by adoption, I take advantage of every weekend to go on excursions to the most beautiful corners of the peninsula: I know Spain better than a Spaniard!

Irene A.

I was born in Madrid, I am not Gato though. My favourite food is Spanish omelette with onions! On weekends I love hiking in the mountains of Madrid. I’m a big movie buff. One of my favourite Spanish movies is Primos, have you seen it?


For me, the classroom is an open and fun space where all students enjoy being the protagonists of their training, without ceasing to be themselves. I love Spain, I enjoy discovering every corner I haven’t been to before. Come and join us!


I love Spanish-American literature and traveling. Since Spain is an ideal vacation destination I can combine my two passions perfectly by reading on the beach. I also love Spanish cuisine, two of my favourite dishes are spanish omelette and gazpacho.  

Student Care Team

If I had to describe myself in a few words it would be… passionate about Christmas. If you are thinking about the ideal time to come to Madrid to study do not think twice, December is your month. Come and enjoy an unforgettable experience!

Irene V.

A lifelong Madrileña. I love my city and getting lost in its streets. Sitting on a terrace in the sun with friends is always the best plan. I also enjoy Spanish gastronomy very much, so don’t be surprised if in my classes we always end up talking about food.


I was born in Ecuador but when I was seven years old I came to live to Spain. I am passionate about the lexicon and varieties of Spanish, as well as teaching and learning.  I enjoy learning about new cultures, trying new things and reading classics. 


I started my career as a translator and proofreader, and when I added teaching Spanish. I realized that it was the perfect combination to continue learning the language and helping students understand and enjoy it.

Meet the

Spaneasy is located in the center of Madrid, right next to Puerta del Sol. This area is also perfect for leisure and tourism, as it is surrounded by monuments, theaters, shopping malls and restaurants, and much more.

Our classrooms have the latest technologies, all of them are equiped with screens and internet to make classes an interactive, dynamic and fun experience.

Spaneasy Spanish School has been accredited by Instituto Cervantes, which means it means it meets the conditions set by the Instituto Cervantes Accreditation System for Centres, the only international accreditation exclusively focused on the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. 

Meet our goals

Since Spaneasy was born there were three goals that the whole team is fighting to achieve.


To help develop our student’s communication and comprehension skills to reduce language and cultural barriers. Even if our students are completely beginners, our teachers will teach some important assets to develop a small chat for an everyday conversation.


To show the importance of learning Spanish as it is an indispensable communication vehicle in the world. Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the entire world!


To provide great tools and learning techniques for every student that attends our school. If you learn Spanish in Madrid, you will be using these tools every day, as you will need to defend yourself in Spanish from day one! But don’t panic, our great team will guide you from day one.

Meet our mission

Joining culture and language

Teaching not only the language, but the Spanish culture in a close and friendly form. We carry out a detailed study of the difficulties faced by our students, to develop a method adapted to teaching Spanish as a second language.

We not only have online courses, but we also facilitate language immersion through different experiences in our country, because we understand that there is no better way to learn Spanish than experiencing it day by day. Our teachers, experts in language teaching, are passionate about their work, as they are aware about its beauty.

Meet our

Union of cultures

Learning the language and the culture of a place other than where we were born is a way of opening our minds. It also helps to generate a communication channel between communities. In our Spanish classes you will be seated with classmates from all around the world, and you will have your differences, but you have one thing in common: you can speak one language that will make you understand their points of view.

Spaneasy aims to be a forum in which, through the teaching of the language and Spanish culture, we can bring closer different ways of seeing the world.

In a new world where it is possible to be on the other side of the planet in a few hours, where we can talk over the Internet with a person who is thousands of kilometers away as if they were next door, the only brake is communication. We want to think that if we are able to help everyone understand each other a little better, we are doing our bit for a better world.

Meet our

Our school has a very broad intercultural environment, with students from more than 40 different countries. The average age of the students ranges between 20 and 40 years, although we have had students of 8 and even 80 years!

The students we receive in person mainly belong to two profiles: there are those who live and work in Madrid, therefore they usually choose an extensive course or specific individual classes in Business Spanish, and students who come to live an immersion in the Spanish language and culture during their holidays or during a sabbatical year, so they choose an intensive course.

From 2020 Spaneasy has considerably increased its offer of online classes, in order to adapt to this new situation. We have made our hours and teaching methods more flexible to continue to provide quality teaching also to students affected by travel restrictions.

At Spaneasy we pride ourselves on the high rate of students who, after taking a course with us, decide to continue their learning path year after year at our center.

Meet our

More to learn

At Spaneasy, the student becomes the total protagonist of the learning process and the axis around which all activities, courses and workshops revolve. To achieve full participation and ease in acquiring the language, we work with a communicative approach by tasks. This approach is a didactic proposal that is based on teaching Spanish through the activities of using: oral interaction, written interaction, oral expression, and written expression.

Our teachers represent a link between Spanish society, culture and language and the learning process of our students. For this reason, we always try to ensure that the content and materials taught in class are real, of quality and that they reflect each and every one of the characteristics of Spanish.


In order to study Spanish the best way possible, our classes are taught in Spanish. That way, our students will hear from day zero real samples of conversations from native speakers. Additionally, the use of materials such as written and oral texts will help our students to obtain progress in their learning journey.

Our teachers’ goal is to ensure that our students learn our language with many activities that most of the time involve games. You will never get bored in our Spanish classes! 😉

If you study Spanish in Spain, specifically in our school, we recommend taking our school’s extracurricular activities. These activities help our students to get a better understanding of the society or history of the city while they reinforce their speaking and hearing skills.


At Spaneasy we promote an updated teaching method that takes in consideration the specific needs that our students have. Therefore, the adaptation of new technologies in our classes are essential. The use of technology inside the classroom is not only a way of opening up to the real world but it also helps to break the traditional perception of the teacher who dominates everything. We promote the image of a teacher who is a guide of easy learning. Likewise, technology helps with collaborative learning as students can stay in touch virtually after their classes.

To ensure that this theory is put into practice, our school is equipped with computers and televisions in every classroom, that way the Internet becomes one of the main resources for the teacher. For our students, we approve the use of their own mobile phone as it is a good tool. It is comfortable and simple to use, and every student has it! With a phone, students can search or corroborate information when doing exercises, that way they can develop autonomy while learning, or the teacher can ask students to use their phones to play with apps like Kahoot or Quizlet.

Lastly, much of today’s communication takes the form of instant messages. For this reason, it is not uncommon for our students to practice this kind of communication in a real context, using applications such as WhatsApp or similar.


Being able to collaborate with a diverse group of companies helps us to give the best service to our students. Among the many services that our collaborators provide, you can find help finding accommodations, new activities in Madrid, finding a host family or having legal help if needed. 


Better than learning, living it!

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