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We offer different types of accommodation in Madrid that are carefully chosen for you and adapted to your budget. This way, you can book our Spanish courses in Spain with accommodation. You just need to decide what you prefer, and we will take care of the rest!
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We work day by day so that when you arrive in Madrid you will have a space waiting for you, ready to enjoy your experience from day one. 

As a general rule, accommodations are reserved from the Sunday before the start of the course until the Saturday after the last day of class.

All accommodations offered are located in the city center, at a walking distance or at maximum 25 minutes by public transport, to offer our students the greatest comfort during their stay while they take their Spanish courses. 

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Let us know if you need help to look for an accommodation, we will happily assist you on finding the best place for your needs.

Our Accommodations
in Madrid


Share accommodation with Spanish and international university students. It is a great opportunity if you are looking for an immersive experience as you will be using the Spanish language every day. We recommended this option for all those students who want to have their meals included!

Bed &

B&B are cozy and comfortable, providing a pleasant treatment that will make you feel at home. In them there is a person in charge of cleaning and cooking, so you don’t need to worry about much! You will have at your disposal both single and double rooms, depending on your needs.


If you do not want to share your accommodation with other students, want to bring a companion or are looking for tranquility, the private apartment is the most comfortable option. It is a fully equipped studio, where you can have your independence to cook, relax and start a new life in Spain. 


It is the best option if you want to experience a total Spanish immersion. You will have the possibility to speak Spanish, get to know the culture and taste our typical dishes. Breakfast and dinner are included, and you also have the possibility to add lunch. All the families live in the city center and are very experienced in welcoming students from all over the world. They will be happy to share their time with you and make you feel at home.


In addition to being the cheapest option, it gives you the chance to meet people and make friends from different corners of the world. Get ready to live in an international environment by taking part in the social activities organized by the hostel, practicing the language and much more!


For those who want to live with more independence but still want to live in an international environment, shared apartments are the perfect option since you have your own room along with fully equipped common areas. Meet and share your experiences with other people from any corner of the world!

Please keep in mind this option is only available for a minimum stay of one month.


Madrideasy has apartments and rooms in shared flats in all areas of Madrid. 

The flats are fully furnished and equipped with everything you need to live in Madrid.

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We care about the protection of your data. Read our Privacy Policy.