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Hello Spaneasiers! Did you start well your classes? Are you improving your Spanish as much as you wanted? We hope that you’re doing well and that you’re studying a lot. However, remember that you don’t need to be always studying and that you need to go out with your friends, that’s why today’s post will be about going out to great restaurants. More accurately, today we will talk about the best places to eat tacos! Prepare yourselves to travel to Mexico while you’re in Madrid.

Firstly, we couldn’t start this post without mentioning the best taqueria in Madid: Takos Al Pastor. This place has always long queues of people waiting for their tacos as it’s very close to the Gran Via (and our school in Sol) and also: it’s super cheap! All their tacos are 1 euro and their quesadillas are 2,50 euros (such a big deal!). They have many types of tacos that you can choose from, and many types of beers and drinks that are originally from Mexico. If you go there, we’re sure you will want to go again!

By the other hand, really near to our school we have the restaurant Rosi La Loca. This place is great if you’re looking for a Mexican restaurant that offers vegan and vegetarian plates and also has a gluten-free menu. We love this restaurant because you have lots of options in the menu and also the place is colorful. Everyone that visits Rosi La Loca leaves in love with the place thanks to it hospitality and price. If you want a place where you can eat great tacos and take really cool pictures: you must visit this one!

Lastly but not least, with two restaurants open in Madrid: one in Conde Duque and othe one in the Hileras Street, La Taquería Mi Ciudad has the best authentic tacos of the city (at least that’s what everybody says!). Like Takos Al Pastor, their tacos are really cheap and they have lots to choose from. Also, their drinks are loved by everyone because it makes you feel you’re in Mexico while you’re hydrating yourself.

Did you like our recommendations? Do you have more places that we should visit? There are lots of incredible taquerias in Madrid! If you’re looking for more places to discover in our city, you can’t miss this post where we show you the best places to eat vegan or vegetarian meals. Hope you like it! See you in the next post 😉


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