Baking time: Easiest torrijas recipe

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Do you guys have a sweet tooth? If you do, don’t stop reading today’s post, because we’ll show you the easiest torrija recipe.

In Spain torrijas are synonyous with Easter, which means most of us spend Easter holidays eating these delicious pieces of bread like there’s no tomorrow. We can’t get enough!


    • 1 loaf of bread
    • 600 ml. milk
    • 3 eggs
    • Cinnamon (powder and sticks)
    • 10 gr. sugar
    • Olive oil


    1. Take a pan and bring the milk and two cinnamon sticks to the boil together with the sugar. Meanwhile cut the bread into slices. Once the milk is boiling turn off the heat.
    2. Then beat the eggs in a deep bowl.
    3. Heat the oil in a pan.
    4. Soak each slice of bread individually in the milk. The slices have to be tender, however, they shouldn’t fall apart.
    5. Dip each slice in the beaten eggs individually.
    6. Fry them in the pan over a high heat until golden.
    7. Put the fried slices on several layers of kitchen paper and squeeze them to extract the oil.
    8. Add cinammon powder on top (or sugar if preferred). Your traditional Spanish torrijas are ready to be served. Enjoy!

Could it be easier? We don’t think so. Try this recipe and live an actual Spanish immersion (a tasty one). What’s more, if you are keen on baking, we suggest arroz con leche recipe.

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