Best places to go out for brunch in Madrid

¡Hello Spaneasiers! Apart from learning Spanish we would like you to enjoy Madrid as much as possible! Did you know that the first time brunch was served in Madrid was 30 years ago? Amazing, uh? Well, if you miss going out for brunch on a Sunday morning, you’d better read this post:


Bendita Locura

Two different floors and an awesome terrace ready to serve one the best brunches in Madrid. There are to types of brunch in Bendita Locura: the Little brunch and the big brunch. Once you have decided which one you prefer, you have many options to choose, from waffles to Bloody Mary but we suggest trying Eggs Benedict. It is probably one of the best dishes in this restaurant!

Pum Pum

If you are looking for a different brunch, try this eco-brunch in Lavapies. All the recipes come from the North of Europe and all the ingredients are eco. This place is not only perfect to have brunch, but also to have breakfast. What are you waiting for?

La Jefa

Speaking of different, La Jefa might not have eco ingredients, but what this place definitely has is Latin influence. From Cuba to Venezuela, the options are endless: croissants, arepas, poached eggs, juices, shrimp dumplings, quesadillas, organic yogurt, etc. What is more, the place is so beautiful! You can tell that the decoration has been carefuly chosen so that their clients feel welcomed. Do not hesitate, make time to go for brunch at La Jefa.

La Bicicleta Café

Although this coffee shop is smaller than the previous one,you can get a very yummy brunch. In fact, it is so delicious that you have to book a table in advance, otherwise the cafe will be crowded. Everybody wants to try it! In addition, La Bicicleta has free WiFi so it is not weird at all to come here to have brunck while working. It is the coziest workplace ever!

Even though this is not a tradition in Spain, Madrid has great places where you can go for brunch and fulfill your expectations. Have you ever been this hungry?

Hope you liked this post, and if you are interested about othe cool places to visit in Madrid, don´t miss these posts  in our Spaneasy blog. We recommend you best bakeries in Madrid and “terrazas” a must in Madrid

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