Best places in Madrid to have croquetas

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An important part of Spanish culture is gastronomy, so we will learn Spanish in a different way. Are you hungry? You better be, because today we want to talk you about croquetas. This delicious piece of heaven can be served as an appetizer or as a tapa with you beer.

They are very popular in our country, even though they come from France. In fact, you can find the yummiest ones in Madrid. That’s why we will take a ride to the best bars where you can have tasty croquetas. Get in the car!

If you haven’t tried croquetas yet, the first type you need to have is the traditional one: croquetas de jamón (ham). These are the best places to do it:

  • La Vanduca. Columela, 2.
  • Cafetería Grignolio. Príncipe, 4.

Next stop: croquetas de boletus (mushrooms). Order as many as you can, because they are a type of croquetas that one can never eat enough. Our recommendations:

  • Ruta 77. Silvano, 77.
  • Casa Antonio. Plaza de la cebada, 12.

Now, why don’t we try something fancier? Croquetas de calamar en su tinta (squid in its own ink). C’mon! They are delicious.

  • Los Arces avenue, 11.
  • Viu de Vacas. Águila, 2.

Did you miss cheese? Of course we have cheese croquetas! This sort of croquetas might not be the easiest to find, but we discovered an amazing place for you.

  • Arbalán, 7.

Try them all! It is worth it! Also, if you are an addict who can’t get enough, visit this site and don’t miss its Croquemap!

It is an actual map of Madrid with all the places where you can eat croquetas. No kidding! They even have reviews of each place.

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