Best scape rooms you will find in Madrid


Hello Spaneasiers! How are you? Are you enjoying your time in our school? We hope you are learning a lot in your classes! But this post isn’t about learning Spanish, today we want to talk about four of the best scape rooms that you can find in Madrid so you can spend time with your friends or classmates. Have you ever participated in one? There’s a scape room for everybody because there are so many themes to choose!

We want to start with Exit Game Madrid, everybody say that it has some of the best scape rooms of the city. We like it because they give you six more minutes than other places, and it may not sound like a lot but those six minutes help to finish it on time! They have so many themes, but we recommend: “Marchante de arte” where you and your friends will be detectives that need to find who is the art thief. Also, you may like “Laboratorio” where you will play as college students from the Complutense College and you have to get a test from a teacher.

If you love to get a bit scared, you should try the games that Phobia Escape Room has. You can play with your friends but you have to be less than six! It has two themes: “El legado de los Marsh” where you have to stop a ritual but some monsters want to stop you, and also you can find “El despacho del director” where you have to work with a psychiatrist who is a little bit crazy.

By the other hand, 59:59 Escape Madrid has a game called “La torre de Babel” that is made to enjoy with a large group up to 20 people! If you are thinking about doing a birthday or a cool event with that many people, it for sure would be fun. They also have other games for smaller groups! Are you interested? They are located in the Cuatro Caminos neighborhood.

Lastly but not least, we recommend Mad Escape Room because is has rooms that are fully settled up so you can bury yourself in the game. Something really cool about this company is that they have games for every age, but if you are looking for an adult game you should do “La locura de Goya”, it’s amazing and you can do it in English!

And that’s everything for today! We hope you liked today’s post and let us know if you go to any of these scape rooms and if you have fun. If you want to discover more places you should check this post where we talk about three places to see the best sunsets.

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