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There is a revolution taking place and it is about on demand video platforms. They strengthened the first impulse that the television series had caused some years ago, which in all senses have evolved until reaching the same importance as cinema. Spain is also keeping up with the series mania, which production demands most of times surprisingly high budgets. Therefore, we are going to introduce a few series made in Spain that are the pride of our national fiction.
El Ministerio del Tiempo
This series, broadcast on television through La 1 (Spanish public television) and available on Netflix, in its three seasons mixes up adventure and comedy with timely doses of drama. The argument consists of a ministry created by the government to resolve historical issues by traveling through time when crossing a door. The virtues of this series are based on the didactic value of the trips, which allow the viewer to know the history of Spain, the touches of irony in their references to criticize our present and the way it shows the viewer how history is recurrent and repeats the same mistakes.
Vis a Vis
Although the setting of a jail for women can remind us of another famous series, at a first glance you will be able to discover its peculiarities. This thriller leads us through the adventures of a young woman (Macarena) who is innocently induced to commit some tax crimes for which she ends behind bars. As we watch how she grows under the difficult circumstances, we will see quality action scenes and surprises that challenge the viewer.
The series is about to broadcast its third season on FOX, after buying the rights to Antena 3, which produced and issued the first two seasons. In terms of international visibility, the broadcasted seasons are available on Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime, while BBC is preparing a remake.
Paquita Salas
This web-series is the perfect example of when representing less is better; it is the proof that having a good idea sometimes is more important than opulent productions. It started with the broadcasts on an audiovisual content platform called Flooxer, but its resounding success has taken it to Netflix, where you can see only the first season aired, although the second one is already in production.
In a false documentary format, the dramatic comedy portrays the life of Paquita Salas, a representative of actors anchored in the working methods that gave her success in the 90s but which in the present lead her company towards decline. Although some of the gags will require knowledge of Spanish popular culture, surely Paquita will give you reasons to laugh and feel emotions in equal measure.
Las chicas del cable
It’s the first original series of Netflix produced in Spain and the setting is a telecommunications company in 1928, in which four women work as operators, who will develop their bonds of friendship that will reinforce them against circumstances that bind them as their families or partners.
Recently it has just been premiered the second season and has already been confirmed a third.
These are just some of our recommendations about the increasingly extensive catalog of series that have been created in the current great era for series. We would like to know if you have already seen one of these series and what is your opinion about it. If that is not the case, leave your recommendation of a Spanish series that you have seen in the comments section.

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