The best squid sandwiches in Madrid

Irene A.

Irene A.

I was born in Madrid, I am not Gato though. My favourite food is Spanish omelette with onions! On weekends I love hiking in the mountains of Madrid. I’m a big movie buff. One of my favourite Spanish movies is Primos, have you seen it?
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Hello Spaneasiers! We want to start this year with a very typical food from our city and the best places to try it: the calamari sandwich.

Hello Spaneasiers! Happy New Year! We hope that in this new year you achieve your goals and reach your desired Spanish level. However, we also want this 2022 to be a good year in which you can enjoy many activities in Madrid. Therefore, we want to start this year with a very typical food from our city and the best places to try it: the calamari sandwich.

For our new students, we know that you will be confused because Madrid is located at least 360 kilometers from the coast, so it is normal that you are surprised that this sandwich is a must-to to try when you visit Madrid. However, this imported product is as popular (or more) as any other local product and is perceived as an identifying symbol by any Madrilenian

The reason for its popularity seems to be that it comes through the importation of fish and seafood to Madrid, which began for religious reasons. The Catholic reform of the 16th century imposed a restriction on meat during certain religious festivals, such as Lent, and this led to the importation of products from other regions. The squid, being boneless and easy to preserve, was easy to transport to Madrid.

Now that you know its importance, let’s go to the best places to try this sandwich!


This bar is one of the great classics in the center of our city, located near the Plaza Mayor. For us, the calamari are delicious and the combination with the bread in which they make freshly every day, makes us to want to go back. We also recommend trying this sandwich with their famous patatas bravas, a drink to your liking and good company.


In Madrid when we ask for a calamari sandwich, many will recommend this place. El Brillante is a legendary place that since its opening in 1967, has helped to promote the popularization of this sandwich. It is located in front of the Atocha Station, so it is ideal to visit before taking the train to a new destination.


This brewery has been open since 1870. Formerly a bodega, they started selling this famous sandwich from Madrid. In addition to the calamari sandwich, they have other incredible sandwiches such as loin, tortilla or sausages. You can’t forget to try some of their tapas, as they have an irresistible price and an even better taste.

Have you ever tried this typical sandwich, where? If you visit any of these places, send us a photo! Also, if you want to continue enjoying our city, you can’t miss this post in which we show you how to use Madrid’s public transport.

See you soon! 😉

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