Christmas has already arrived in Madrid

The capital main streets have already been adorned, despite the Christmas week has still to come. For those who can’t keep waiting, we are going to tell you where you can enjoy the traditions and the purely aroma of Christmas.
As you have probably already seen on your way to Spaneasy, the huge Christmas “tree” in Sol is ready. From the 24th December until the 6th January, as soon as night falls, around 6pm, you will see this amazing lightning on. Generally this dazzling structure is a must see in Madrid, this is why you will see lots of passers-by trying to take a picture with or under the tree, since there is a fenced passage that will allow you to have a special perspective of the decoration.
Without going much farther from the city centre, you will be able to see real trees – in this case fir trees- richly decorated in almost all squares, such as Callao, Red de San Luís – at the junction between Calle Montera and Gran Vía, Plaza de Colón (with Génova), Callao Square, Plaza San Juan de la Cruz and Plaza España. In this page you can see a complete list of streets with luminous chains.
Besides the lights, in Madrid you can also see other public spaces where the Christmas tradition and iconography are represented, like for example the market of Plaza Mayor, where you can see lots of wooden houses selling everything related to Christmas.
Soon you will also be able to visit the traditional nativity scenes that are going to be set up in several areas of the city. The nativity scene is a very observed tradition in our country and consists in representing the nativity through figures. Most of them will be ready by the beginning of December. For example the one of the Real Casa de Correos, one of the most well known, will be revealed from 6th December onwards.
All these traditions and much more will be shown all over Madrid on Christmas time, so if this is your favorite time of the year, enjoy it and tell us what did you find more impressive about Christmas in Madrid.

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