Courious and unique hotels in Spain

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On today’s post, we want to escape our city a bit and imagine the places where we could go, so today we will find the most curious and different hotels in Spain.

Let’s see if you know any!

If you are looking to escape the city’s bustle and breathe some fresh air, sleeping in a tree house may be the best option for you. But we are not talking about a tree house set up for children, we are talking of a house with all the comforts of a hotel in the middle of the forest.

There are several in Spain, but we recommend two: Sleeping in the Trees, located in Villasbuenas de Gata (in the province of Caceres) and Basoa Suites, in Navarra. Both places have several tree houses to choose from, it all depends on your budget and your fear of heights.

On the other hand, if you want to relive medieval times in Spain we have many medieval castles converted into hotels. This makes the experience even more original and special. Among the many castles or fortresses, we recommend the Castillo del Buen Amor located in Salamanca, and the Residencial Real Castillo Curiel in Valladolid. In both hotels you will have a very different experience with a traditional touch.

Finally, if the wooden houses and castles have not caught your attention, how about sleeping inside a cave? Spending one or several nights in this type of place, surrounded by pure nature makes us disconnect immediately. Among our favorites, we recommend an Airbnb cave-house located in Fresnedilla since it is perfect to explore with company. In addition, it is very well decorated and has everything you need to enjoy the getaway, it even has a vegetable garden!

What do you think of the unique hotels that we have shown you?

From our point of view they are ideal to escape from the city and enjoy.

We hope to be able to start traveling again soon and discover more places like these, whether in Spain or in other countries!

If you miss traveling and you want to plan a future getaway, you cannot miss this post in which we show you what places to visit in Cádiz.

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