Europe in Christmas: coziest cities to travel in 2018

¡Hello Spaneasiers! Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, as you already know, and Madrid is the happiest citiy of all. However, today we want to show you other amazing cities: the coziest cities in Christmas. Is yours on the list?

Strasbourg, France  

This incredible city has nothing but Christmas markets. Twelve Christmas markets invade the town with magic, isn’t that amazing? What’s more, you can visit all of them on foot since they are artfully located.

Our suggestions: Visit the city centre of Place Broglie, explore the Cathedral Square and appreciate the giant Christmas tree near Sharing Village.

Brussels, Belgium

Christmas in Brussels is considered one of the best in Europe. This, of course, has a great reason: awesome lights, ice-skating, fries and a huge tree in the Grande-Place. There are so many things to see in this city that we cannot choose what is our favorite.

Our suggestions: Grab a beer at Delirium Café, ride the Ferris wheel in Place Sainte-Catherine, visit the famous market Winterwonders and have a waffle at Le Funambule.

Leipzig, Germany

Germany is well-known for its Christmas markets. All of them are amazing, but Leipzig has the second oldest market in the whole Europe. You can find lovely stands where Glühwein (warm wine) is served, as well as many other delicatessen. What’s more, there are so many rides that this market could be an amusement park.

Our suggestions: Enjoy the endless parades and music scenes, taste a Leipziger Gose and go ice-skating.

Rovaniemi, Finland

This is probably the most magical destination for Christmas. Not only the Finnish landscapes are breathtaking, but also the Santa Claus Village. Yes, we are right. The land of Santa Claus! You can visit him and his reindeers at the Arctic Polar Circle.

Our suggestions: Admire the northern lights, try one of the Lapland Safaris, visit the frozen waterfalls of the Korouma National Park and greet Santa.

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