Discovering Cadiz

Hello everyone! How are you doing? We hope that you’re enjoying your time in our country while you’re discovering great places of our city and more! On today’s post, we wanted to show you a great city to visit while you are in Spain, as it isn’t far from Madrid and it’s a place that everyone falls in love: Cadiz. This place is lovely, but it’ also the oldest city of The West. 

There are many things that you must visit of the city, but you can’t leave without visiting La Caleta Beach as it’s the only beach that you can find in the historic center. It’s great to walk and watch the sunset but it’s not our favorite if you’re looking for a beach to sunbathe and relax as it gets pretty crowded because it’s not the largest one in the city. Also, if you want to walk maybe you can visit the newest part of Cadiz and visit the promenade

By the other hand, the cathedral is the most important building in the city. It is called Santa Cruz del Mar. If you want to get in, it’s open from 10 am until 8 pm. Also, if you visit the cathedral and you want to enjoy good views you can go up the Clock Tower and get really cool pictures! 

However, if you love getting the best views of the city, you can visit the Tavira Tower. There is a terrace where you can drink something refreshing while you see the whole city. Inside this tower, there’s a camera obscura that helps you to see some images of the city in real time. 

Lastly, if you want to brag about that you have visited the oldest neighborhood of Europe, you need to walk around the Populo Neighborhood. In this place, you can find the San Martin Plaza and the Roman Theatre (it was discovered in 1980). As Cadiz has a lot of history, we recommend doing a Free Tour so they can explain you everything that you must know before you leave! 

One thing that we love of Cadiz is that it’s really close to two beautify cities that if you have time you should visit: Jerez de la Frontera or El Puerto de Santa Maria. You can go by train or by bus, it won’t cost much! 
Let us know in comments if we missed some places that people needs to visit! Also, you can check this post where we show you what you can visit in Castilla y León. Have a good day Spaneasiers! See you soon! 

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