The 5 Best Cinemas in Madrid 

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How are your spanish classes going? Are you enjoying them? We hope you’re learning a lot, but we want to tell you more ways to learn Spanish and one really good way is watching movies! That’s why today we bring you a post about the best cinemas in Madrid.

There are some cinemas that are well known, they belong to big companies, but the place is beautiful because they have been kept as how they were constructed many years ago. Some of these cinemas are: Ideal Cinemas, the Palacio de la Prensa (The Press Palace), the Capitol or Callao’s cinemas.

First, you should go to the Cinema’s Academy. It is a nonprofit foundation that was established in 1986 with the purpose of protecting and promoting Spanish movies. It is also where the Goyas are hold every year. And you can be asking us, why do we recommend this place? Every day of the week they show different films or short films from small or well-known Spanish filmmakers. The admission is free, you only need to reserve your spot with a few days in advance!

By the other hand, the Renoir cinemas are known because they show independent movies and they also hold some movies in its original version. There are three in Madrid: one in Plaza España, one in Retiro and the last one is located in Princesa. The ticket it’s a bit expensive because they don’t have any discounts, but the 7,10 euros that you pay are worth every cent.

We also recommend the Doré Cinema, it has been in Madrid since 1912 and it has a lot of history because in that building some really important Spanish events have happened in there. That’s why if you look for old pictures of the cinema, the façade is different (and its visitors too!). Nowadays, the building is the exhibition room of the Spanish Film Archive, that’s why in its three rooms you will be able to watch classic Spanish and international movies. There is one room that it looks like how it was in 1912, one is redesigned and the last one is outdoors. If you want to go to watch any movie you only have to pay 2 euros if you are a student, but we recommend getting the tickets as soon as possible because they go fast!

Last but not least, you should go to the Verdi Cinemas. They have been in the city for thirty years showing any type of movies, like other cinemas, you are going to be able to find the last releases and they also have independent movies. The cool thing about this place is its façade, because it makes you feel like you are in the 80’s!

That’s everything for today! We hope you liked today’s post, if you want to know more, feel free to read this article about places in Spain that have been in some movies!

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