#Food? The most photogenic restaurants in Madrid

Hello everyone! How are our favorite Spanish students doing? We hope that you are all enjoying your time learning in our school. On today’s post we wanted you to relax and get to know new and cool places in Madrid, so when you have free time you can visit them by yourself, with friends, family or your couple! Also, we know that everybody loves to take pictures for Instagram, that is why today we will show you the best restaurants to eat and get the best pictures for your Instagram posts.

There are many restaurants that have great spots to get the perfect picture for your socials, but there is a place that everyone in Madrid loves now: Bloom. It is a Salvador Bachiller restaurant, and as it is called it is decorated with flowers, trees, petals, etcetera. Each section of this place is different from the other: in one place you will find a huge tree, in other there will be a bandstand. Apart from its decoration, their food is delicious, if you go for an afternoon snack you must order the pancakes. It is located in the Alberto Aguilera Street, number 54, near rom the Argüelles metro station.

By the other hand, following with cool and uncommon themes for such types of restaurants, Bel Mondo is a crazier one. When you enter the first time, you can think of a small circus (even if it is huge) surrounded of flowers and plants. We have heard that with its decoration and meals, they want you to feel like your younger self. The food that you can eat in there is just incredible as they have homemade plates that will feel like your mom’s. It is in the Salamanca Neighborhood, in Velazquez Street 39.

Lastly, if you are in the hunt for a restaurant that serves the best brunch of the city, you must go to the Habanera restaurant. It is decorated in a way that you feel cheerful as they have many flowers, palm trees and they huge windows let the sun get in (that is what we love the most). Every meal they serve is great, but our recommendation is to first try out their brunch because it is delicious, but they also serve it in a way that your Instagram pictures will look the best.

Did we miss out your favorite restaurant or cafeteria? Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite and why we should visit it! If you want to keep discovering cool places in Madrid, you should check this post where we show you the best restaurants to eat tacos. See you!

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