5 Fun Activities for Groups in Madrid

Our philosophy in SPANEASY is to learn Spanish by practicing. It’s to learn while having fun, so we took the opportunity to, besides attending our Spanish courses, look for fun activities to share with your friends and to let you continue improving your Spanish as well.
We leave you some plans just right there, enjoy!

  1. Humor Amarillo de Universal Games

Forget about boring gymkhana! You can go to HUMOR AMARILLO’s one. HUMOR AMARILLO is a Japanese TV show where competitors have to play different bizarre games. Now, lovers of this show can overcome the classic games of the program (many of them may hurt) and they must do it in groups of five.

  • Price: €25 / €35
  • People: min. 8
  • Place: Los santos de la Humosa
  • Time: 2h / 3h
  1. Aventura Amazonia

Welcome to the largest network of Adventure Parks in Spain! The AVENTURA AMAZONIA parks are the authentic theme parks of Adventure in the Trees, where you are the main character of your own adventure. There are parks for everyone: You don’t need to have a certain age, physical condition or special skills to participate, so you can freely decide the multi-adventure circuits to take place.

  • Price: €18 / €22
  • People: 8 or more
  • Place: Cercedilla
  • Time: 3h
  1. Zero Latency

6 friends, an abandoned warehouse that becomes a stage once you are equipped, several hordes of zombies, drones and robots, ethereal beings in a world without gravity… Welcome to a virtual reality world where your friends and you will find out how to survive.

  • Price: €35
  • People: max. 6
  • Place: Ciudad Lineal
  • Time: 30 min
  1. The X Door Madrid

The X-Door is an original Escape Game, which is raging all over Spain and has already arrived in Madrid. You and from 1 to 5 friends will be working as a team and squeezing to the maximum your creativity.

  • Price: €50
  • People: 2-6
  • Place: Gran Vía
  • Time: 1h
  1. Sing Along

Sing Along consists of the viewing of musical films in which the songs are subtitled: as if it was a karaoke! In addition, several animators teach the audience the choreography and lyrics. There are several options such as Mamma mia!, Grease or La llamada.

  • Price: €15 / €18
  • People: –
  • Place: Alcobendas
  • Time: depends on the film

We hope you enjoyed these plans as much as we enjoyed share them with you from our Spanish school! If you liked this post you can find out more plans to do in Madrid checking out this link Main festivals and music shows in Madrid in 2018 or if you prefer a more relaxed one you could visit The Motors Market.

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