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Hello everyone! How are you Spaneasiers? We hope that your Spanish is getting well little-by-little and that you are loving the classes in our school. On today’s post we wanted to bring you some fun activities you can do with friends or by yourself if you are all bored or you just want to forget for a few hours of your work or studies. Are you ready? Let’s start!
Firstly, if you love climbing and there aren’t any good climbing sites in Madrid, Sharma Climbing Madrid opened a few weeks ago! It is the biggest center in Spain that you can find, they have different types of facilities: for pros that compete, for kids and much more. You can get to this place taking the 5th metro line as it is in Julian Camarillo Street. If you are a student between 18 and 25 years old there is a cheaper rate for the entrance and the materials that you need to get. Also, if you love rock climbing, they sell season tickets too.
By the other hand, if you are looking for a place where you can jump like there’s no tomorrow and you want to have fun, you need to visit any of the places that Urban Planet has around Madrid. There are a total of seven in our city, but if you can get to the H2ocio shopping center there is where you will find the best Urban Planet because it is bigger and they have more games to play (like basketball, many trampolines, matts, etcetera…). We know that you will visit it once and you will want to go again as soon as possible!
Lastly, as Christmas is around the corner, how is ice skating sound to you? In our city we have some skating rinks that are outdoors (these ones are just open in the winter) and some indoors. The biggest indoor skating rink is the Ice Palace of Madrid, it is just open from Fridays to Sundays, so if you are bored on a weekend visiting this place with a friend would be a cool activity! It is in a mall so maybe you can get a drink and then skate for a while.
Which other places you know in Madrid where you have lots of fun? Let us know! If you want to keep discovering more fun places in our city you should check out this post of our blog where we show you some chill plans you can do in a day in Madrid. See you!

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