Delicious: gazpacho and salmorejo

Hi Spaneasiers! In Spaneasy Spanish School we want you to live an actual Spanish immersion so today we write about two essential summer recipes: gazpacho and salmorejo. Both contain tomato, which is a seasonal vegetable. But do you know what the differences between gazpacho and salmorejo are? Do you know how to cook it? We’re going to tell you in this post.

What is Gazpacho?

Gazpacho is the most famous cold soup of Spanish gastronomy. There are many recipes for gazpacho, although the Andalusian gazpacho is the most popular. The most common thing is to include tomato, cucumber, olive oil (with extra virgin olive oil the result is infinitely better), pepper, garlic, vinegar, salt, water and some bread. It can be more liquid, by increasing the proportion of vegetables and water, or less liquid, by adding more bread. It is usual to include hard-boiled eggs, bread, pepper, onion or serrano ham as a garnish. Check the best restaurants to try gazpacho in Madrid:

  • Viridiana
  • La Verónica
  • Taberna la Lirio
  • Toque de Sal

What is salmorejo?

Salmorejo is an exquisite cold soup from Cordoba which is becoming more and more popular in the rest of the country and abroad, thanks to its success among the tourists. Salmorejo contains tomato, olive oil, bread, salt, vinegar (although many people do not add it) and garlic. Like gazpacho, it is usually eaten with garnish. However, salmorejo is way less liquid than gazpacho. Check the best restaurants to eat salmorejo in Madrid:

  • The Observatory
  • Arzábal – Museo Reina Sofía
  • La Croquetta
  • Macarena

Differences between Gazpacho and Salmorejo

Although they are very similar, there are several differences between gazpacho and salmorejo. The main difference lies in the amount of bread. The salmorejo needs much more bread than gazpacho. That’s why it’s so much thicker. Moreover, the only vegetable salmorejo is made of is tomato, while gazpacho can contain other vegetables. In addition, salmorejo is made by emulsifying oil and water, while gazpacho is a mixture of crushed vegetables which you have to strain. For the different preparation, the texture of gazpacho and salmorejo are different. The gazpacho is much more liquid, although it can be made thicker by adding more bread.

Do you like Spanish gastronomy? We leave you another typical recipe: arroz con leche

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