The other side of culinary culture in Madrid

Madrid collects a huge variety of typical culinary traditions that are surely attractive to new visitors, but in Madrid you can also find alternative proposals from other cultures that are so settled in the city that we consider them as part of our gastronomy.
Lavapiés neighborhood is well known to be an area where immigrants of different origins coexist. As a consequence, you can see lots of different restaurants and each one transmits its own gastronomical traditions, spicing up the offer of the capital. In order to give you more details, we are going to recommend some of the best restaurants, all of them in Lavapiés.
This representative of the Indian cuisine is one of the best valued restaurants of the area, which is commendable since the number of Indian restaurants in the streets of Lavapiés is very high – you will surely collect lots of flyers in the streets, offered by their waiters – . In a long street halfway between Lavapiés and Antón Martín metro stations, you will find a place that respects its gastronomy but at the same time it also respects your tolerance to spicy.
Dirección: Calle Ave María, 18
One of the biggest immigrant communities of the neighborhood is the African one, that’s why you will find a great number of restaurants that vary according to the country of origin of their founders. Especially this Senegalese restaurant, although a little chaotic in its organization, has a very positive valuation of its dishes. Most of them are based on rice with vegetables, fish or chicken and the prices are extremely cheap.
El Mono de la Pila
In Anton Martin Market you can find this Peruvian restaurant, which of course has its own variety of ceviches as a top dish. They also prepare the most typical dishes of the Ecuadorian or Creole kitchen that mixes Spanish influences with South Americans. The establishment, like all of the market, is quite small, so we recommend you go in advance if you want to find a table.
Dirección: Calle Santa Isabel, 5 (Mercado de Antón Martín)
We finally recommend this Greek restaurant which presents unique characteristics. First of all, only for the fact of being Greek, it is peculiar because in Madrid it’s uncommon to see them, but mainly because it is the only restaurant specialized in suvlakis – similar to what we know as kebab -. The suvlaki is served with pita bread and other typical Greek products. It is mainly made of different varieties of meat but is also available a vegetarian option. It is conceived as a take-away and you’ll find it almost always open.
Dirección: Calle San Carlos, 17
Lavapiés neighborhood is in the very city centre, this means that it’s easy to reach from Spaneasy, even walking. It is a place with a lively atmosphere, so you will surely enjoy your time there.
Tell us if you have ever been to one of these restaurants in the comments below.

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