Learn Spanish With Songs


Hey there! 

How are your Spanish lessons in Madrid going? Any improvements? 

Don’t worry! We are going to share with you the best tip to learn a language: music! 

As simple as it seems, listening to music and paying attention to the lyrics will make your Spanish improve significantly. 

That’s why today we want to show you what songs you should listen to in order to improve your listening skills, vocabulary and grammar according to your level. Ready?

A1 level

Practice el presente de indicativo:

  • “Limón y sal” Julieta Venegas.
  • “Bonito” Jarabe de Palo.

Gerund forms:

  • “Bailando” Alaska y los pegamoides.

Learn how to conjugate the verb gustar:

  • “Me gustas tú” Manu Chao.


A2 level

Practice el indefinido:

  • “Me enamoré” Shakira.
  • “Marta, Sebas, Guille y los demás” Amaral.

Learn the future tense:

  • “Mi gran noche” Rafael.
  • “Amante bandido” Miguel Bosé.


B1 level

If the subjunctive mode drives you crazy:

  • “A Dios le pido” Juanes.
  • “Ojalá que llueva café” Juan Luis Guerra.

Practice el imperativo:

  • “Se acabaron las lágrimas” Huecco.

Learn el pretérito perfecto:

  • “Te he echado de menos” Pablo Alborán.


B2 level

Memorize adjectives:

  • “Buscando en la basura” La Fuga.
  • “No importa que llueva” Efecto Pasillo.

Practice indirect speech:

  • “Dile que la quiero” David Civera.


C1 level

Learn how to use idioms:

  • “Cheque al portamor” Melendi.

Vocabulary regarding global issues:

  • “Ska de la Tierra” Bebe.
  • “Tu enemigo” Pablo López and Juanes.


It is said that memorizing the lyrics of a song is like riding a bike, because you haven’t probably listened to that song for a long time, but you still remember the lyrics. It has always been in your brain, but you didn’t know until you listened to the song. That is the reason why we recommend learning through songs so much. It is an easy and funny way to remember words and grammatical constructions that will probably end up using. But this is not the only method! Watching TV also helps: Spanish tv shows help you to learn Spanish.


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