Madrid Christmas Lights

Hi Spaneasiers! Christmas is around the corner and Madrid couldn’t be prettier this time of the year. You haven’t probably experienced Christmas in Spain, so you don’t know that most cities dress their streets with Christmas lights. It’s worth watching!

However, in this post we will focus on Madrid Christmas lights. As a tradition, the mayor of the city inagurates these lights each year at the end of November. From that moment to January 7th you can feel the magic atmosphere invading the city. In fact, right after the mayor switches the power button people start shouting for joy.

Each street is decorated in a different way. For example, in Puerta del Sol a huge Christmas tree stands out in the crowd. You can even go inside it! Leaving Sol, there are many other streets which are usually adorned with lights, but we suggest going to Calle Mayor. In previous years this street has been decorated with bright bunches of grapes. Very original, uh? Well, this is not the only type of decoration they use. Apart from grapes and trees, many lights represent nativity scenes.

Follow it up to Plaza Mayor and you’ll find the Christmas Market. It’s a tradition to buy some figures for the Nativity Scene from the stands and then have a bocadillo de calamares.

There are many other places in Madrid where you will be able to find beautiful lights, such as Callao, Gran Vía, Serrano or Recoletos. Even the goddess of Cibeles is lit up with Christmas lights! So don’t miss this opportunity and come to visit the brightest city in Spain!

If you liked this post and you want to know everything about Christmas in Spain, you will love Tradiciones navideñas.

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