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Today we wanted to bring you some of our favorite vegetarian and vegan restaurants that are located in Madrid, so you can visit the city and discover new places to eat with your friends. We know that sometimes it’s really hard to find vegan restaurants that are cheap or that they are original.

First, we wanted to start with the cheapest option: B13. It’s a really small restaurant located near the Gran Vía street, so if you don’t want to wait for a long time we recommend going early because it gets really busy and they only have a few tables. It’s important that you have cash because they don’t accept card payments. We recommend trying the “chicken” hamburgers, their french-fries and their beer selection; but if you like getting water: it’s free!

You can’t wait to go? They are located in La Ballesta Street number 13. And remember: they open from Wednesday to Sunday.

There’s a restaurant that serves vegetarian (and some vegan too) hamburgers, wraps or salads called Viva Burger. It’s located in Constantina de San Andrés Street, in La Latina neighborhood. They are open daily and if you go on a weekday, they have a pretty cheap menu that offers some of their hamburgers, a drink and a dessert.

Are you looking for a cafeteria that serves good coffee and good cakes? Chilling Café is your place! It’s the first 100% vegan cafeteria in Madrid that offers toast of different kinds and really delicious homemade cakes. They are open every day of the week except for Mondays. They are located in a very centric place: Calle Estrella number 5.

Lastly but not least, if you aren’t a hamburger person and you love pizza, we recommend Masa Madre Vegan Food. They offer the best vegan and gluten free pizzas of Madrid. They offer a menu from Monday to Friday but if you want to have dinner or eat on a weekend for less that 15 euros you can have an excellent meal. They are located in San Marcos Street number 17. The best plates of their menu? Their four-cheese vegan pizza and that you can bring your dog!

We hope you enjoyed today’s post and if you go to any of these places: let us know if you liked them in the comments! If you like making meals at home we recommend these gazpacho and salmorejo recipes.

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