Madrid’s secret gardens

Hello students! Madrid is a wonderful city where you can discover great places while you learn Spanish. On today’s post we will show you some of the best hidden gems in our city: the best gardens you can find around Madrid!
Firstly, if you visit the Sorolla Museum you can’t miss the opportunity to visit its garden for free. It’s pretty small but it has a kind of charm that not many gardens have. This garden is distributed in three parts that have an Andalusian air with its fountains, tiles and myrtles. It will feel like you are walking through the Alhambra, located in Granada. If you want to visit this garden, remember that the museum is located at 37 General Martinez Campos Promenade.
If we keep talking about museums and gardens, there’s another one located in the Romanticism Museum located at 13 San Mateo Street. This garden is a great place to visit if you want to relax while you sip a cup of coffee or any type of drink as it has a beautiful cafeteria that makes the best cakes and pastries. You can visit it with friends for a peaceful breakfast or snack in the afternoon. Also, the museum has more than 1600 pieces of art from Gustavo Adolfo Becquer, Goethe, Lord Byron and Rosalia de Castro.
If we talk about hidden gems, we can’t miss the West Park Rose Garden located at the 1 Rosaleda Street. It’s open every single day of the year and it’s free to get in. This rose garden is 32.000 m2 and it has 600 different types of roses. Also, it has various ponds that makes this place a peaceful one. In 2006 it was an award-winner of the Word Federation of Rose Societies with the “Award of Garden Excellence”. This garden is perfect if you like photography, or if you need a walk to forget the loud city where we live.
Lastly, we couldn’t finish this post without talking of the Angola Prince’s Garden. This one is located in the number six of the Paja’s Plaza, near the Latina neighborhood. It’s a great one if you like history as it has a wall that belonged to the palace of the Angola Prince. This garden is pretty small as it only has a fountain and a bench, but it’s a great hidden place if you need some quietness in your day.
Which garden is your favorite? Did we miss your hidden garden? Let us know in the comments! If you want to keep discovering cool places in our city, you can’t miss this post where we talk about Madrid’s best street markets. See you!

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