From Mallorca to Mexico: Two Century-Old Companies in Madrid

There are lots of companies founded and placed in Madrid. But there are two of them that we love so much in this city (they are loved worldwide as well). That’s why we want you to know them. So when you finish your Spanish courses, take a look at this sweet post.
Let’s learn Spanish and eat!
La Mallorquina
Everything starts in 1894 when three Majorcan joint owners founded a pastry shop called La Mallorquina in Madrid. From the beginning, this company already set its tone with good manners: They started with products such as ensaimada (a coiled puff pastry from Mallorca), always accompanied by a warm chocolate, first quality sausages, preserves, their famous spun egg and Majorcan sobrassada. Besides, of course, some delicious chocolates. Following with a great qualified staff, dress-coat waiters, who attended in French and turned the workshop into the paradise of sugar.
Nowadays, their products and services are known and recommended in hundreds of international guides and it has been recognized on several occasions by the Chamber of Commerce. Even the Madrid City Council gave a plaque thanking the more than a hundred years that this house has been sweetening those who visit the capital.
If you want to know more sugar paradises click the link Discover the sweetest side of Madrid.
Cafés La Mexicana
Its story starts with a Mexican woman (oddly enough nobody remembers her name) travelling to Madrid at the end of the 19th century to know the city where her parents used to live. As soon as she arrives to the capital she notices how she loves this city and how nice is the people who live in it, then she decides to open a coffee shop: Cafés La Mexicana.
But there was a child in Madrid as well, orphan, that was selling a hand-made toasted coffee to live his day to day. The way he made the coffee started to stand out the inhabitants of Madrid. And finally, the Mexican woman met this kid and started buying him coffee until they started working together. As they appreciate each other, the Mexican woman decided that she wanted him to continue with the company when she would pass away.
Nowadays is the family of that boy who continues with the Mexican coffee dream. Its success is such that the store on Preciados street won a Guinness World Records prize for being the shop that sells most coffee in the world.
We hope you enjoyed this post with the stories of two of our beloved century-old companies from Madrid! And we encourage you while you are taking a break from your Spanish lessons to visit these places and taste how delicious their coffees and cakes are.
In case you are interested in knowing more century-old places, follow this link Mercado de San Antón.

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