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How are you doing Spaneasiers? Most language learners have problems with pronunciation. They might be fluent but they cannot sound like a native speaker. Well, the reason for this is our mother tongue. Each language has a different phonology. For example, Spanish has a some different speech sounds that do not exist in other languages. Therefore, it is completely normal that learners mispronounce all the time. However, nothing is impossible, practice makes perfect. So if you also struggle with pronunciation, don’t miss these tips!

Tip 1

Take a decision! There are many different dialects and accents in each language, so you need to choose the one you prefer or simply the one is easier for you.

Tip 2

Our second tip is: speak aloud! People may think that you are crazy, but it doesn’t matter. Choose a topic and practice as if there was an audience right in front of you. You’ll find your mistakes!

You can also read aloud if you are too shy to speak.

Tip 3

This one has to do with the previous one. Try speaking aloud in front of the mirror. You can observe your tongue, your face, your lips…What’s more, in internet you can find different videos which show the right position of your mouth depending on the word you want to pronounce. Copy them!

Tip 4

Songs, movies and shows are useful. The key to a perfect pronunciation is to imitate what others say. Since movies and shows are made for native speakers, the actors don’t try to speak slow or don’t try to use simple words. So if you can copy what they say and can pronounce it in the same way, you will sound like a native speaker!

If Spanish is you goal, these are our recommendations: Spanish tv shows that will help you to practice.

Tip 5

Take you time, you are not in a rush. You can speak slowler if you need it. Break difficult words into syllables. Smaller is simpler.

Encouraged? We hope so! Try these tips and lets us know in the comments if your pronunciation has got any better.

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