Run Valentín

¡Hello Spaneasiers!
Madrid is a city for runners. There are many different places to go for a run: Parque del Retiro, Madrid Río, Parque del Oeste or Parque Juan Carlos I. Also, there are many races throughout the year: marathons, half marathons, spartan races and holi runs. However, none of those races are as special as Run Valentín. Yes, that’s right: Run Valentín. St. Valentine’s race! That’s why we encourage you to take part in this race. Here’s all you need to know:
9th February at 09:00 am.
Santuario de Valverde Avenue, 75 Madrid.
You can only take part if you run in pairs. You and your partner need to tie up your hands with a bracelet. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?
How much?
20 euros per couple.
How many kilometers?
5 km.
Because St. Valentine’s Day is around the corner and this feels like the perfect combination of love and endorphines.
What’s more
It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. You don’t even have to be married! Just call a good friend of yours, your sister or your neighbor and you are good to go!
Click here to get more information about this wonderful race.
I don’t know about you, but we are definitely going to give it a try. Who knows! You may see your teacher running up a hill along with a colleague. Wouldn’t that be funny? Don’t forget to send pictures if you finally decide to go! And remember, love is all around!
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