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Hello Spaneasiers! How are your classes going? We hope you are learning a lot of Spanish and you are enjoying your time in our school and our city. Today, we wanted to show you the best vintage and secondhand shops from Madrid, so you can walk around and get the best deals!

Tiendas segunda mano madrid

The first shop that you have to visit, is Vintalogy, it is the biggest vintage shop in Europe! This big store is located in an old building where they used to sell carpets and textiles, but now you will find long rows of clothes divided in different categories such as: sport, denim, leather, etcetera. You will find a section dedicated to luxury brands too! But if you aren’t a clothes person, Vintalogy also has a furniture and home goods selection, isn’t it perfect? If you can’t wait to go it is located in Atocha Street number 10 and it opens every day of the week from 11:30 am until 9:00 pm.

If you are looking for a store that has unique clothing, your place is El Diván de Cocó. It’s a really small shop near the metro station of La Latina that is going to steal your heart. This place sells new and secondhand things, from extravagant earrings to fluffy coats, if you’re looking for different pieces in your closed you must go there! It is located in Calle de los Estudios, 12 and it opens every day of the week!

Do you want the typical secondhand stores from Madrid? The most popular are in Malasaña’s neighborhood, we recommend you Magpie, Biba Vintage and La Mona Checa. These three are known shops really close to each other where you will find jeans, t-shirts and lots of sportswear. Sometimes it will be hard to find good stuff because everybody goes to these ones, but we have found a few pieces that are gold and they were really cheap! They are located in Velarde Street in the numbers one, two and three.

Last but not least, we have the store Aramayo. It is located near Fuencarral Street and Chueca’s metro station, in particular, it’s in the number fourteenth of the Hernán Cortes Street. It is a small shop where you will be able to find lots of different bags from different eras, so if you’re looking for clothes with history, Aramayo is your place!

That’s everything for today! Hope you enjoyed today’s post, but if you need more places to visit, we recommend you the best places to see the sunset.

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