You should learn to surf in Spain

Summer is here and with it comes high temperatures… In Spaneasy we want you to enjoy every minute of your stay in Madrid while you are learning Spanish with our Spanish courses. But when it’s too hot to stay in the capital, you should escape some days from it. And what could it be better than take profit and learn this water sport to relieve hot?
Here you have some places of Spain where it’s wonderful to learn surf for beginners or to practise while you are not an expert as well as you will meet people to improve Spanish.
Zarautz – Basque Country 
In Zarautz, cradle of Basque surfing, they enjoy a beach of almost 3 km. Waves can reach 3 meters, with variable left and right peaks that break on a sandy bottom. The beach is perfect for beginners as well as advanced surfers. You should also try paddle surf in Getaria (3km from Zarautz). Another reason for going there it’s their delicious Basque gastronomy.
Somo – Cantabria
From Pesues to Castro, the coast is a joy without end. And Somo has something special that makes you want to go back. Somo is one of the surf spots in Cantabria and in Spain, because it is oriented to the open sea and receives good waves (right and left sided) that break on the beach throughout the year. In fact, if there are no waves in Somo, surely you will not find waves in all the north of Spain. If you want to learn and improve it, seriously, this is your place.
El Palmar – Cádiz
Cádiz has so many attractions that you can spare even for surfing. It is the best place for surfing in the Andalusian coast and the epicenter of surfing in southern Spain. Eight kilometers of sand banks with crystal clear water, dotted with rocks, perfect for all levels of surfing. You should also visit Cádiz because of the weather (in the other two places it’s colder) and its friendly people that will make you feel like home.
We hope you liked this post! And when you have some time to take a break from your Spanish course, you should go and visit other places of Spain where you can meet new people and have fun with some different activities like Segovia & La Granja, curiosities and places you cannot miss.

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