Snack time!

Hello Spaneasiers, how are you doing? We hope that you are learning a lot of Spanish in our school while you enjoy your time in our city. Today we want to bring you several places to go if you are thinking on making some plans with your friends, classmates or even by yourself: ​​getting a snack! Or as it’s called in Spanish: comer la merienda. Therefore, we are going to present you several of our favorite places to eat different types of food.

First of all, we can’t start this post without talking about the best place to eat cereals of all kinds in Madrid: Cereal Hunters Café. In this cereal paradise you will be able to find thousands of brands and different types of cereals: some can be found in Spanish supermarkets, and some mostly come from the United States. In addition, this cafeteria offers different colored milks (this will make your cereals more aesthetically pleasing and great for an Instagram picture). If you are accompanied by someone who is not a fan of cereals, they also have other sweets such as cakes, croissants, cookies, etc.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a place where you can eat the fluffiest pancakes, you can’t miss this novelty from our city that recently arrived in Madrid: Sufu Cake. Located in Las Letras Neighborhood, in its small shop we will find the famous Japanese pancakes. You can taste them with syrup and fruits, however you prefer! In addition to these delicious pancakes, in this place they also have coffees and the famous bubble tea that everyone talks about right now.

Lastly, for our traditional readers, we have the perfect place to taste sweet and savory crepes in Malasaña: Crepes & Waffles. It is a new restaurant in this area but it has a very large menu since you can choose both crepes and waffles in salty or sweet form, depending on what you feel like that day! The place is quite big so we recommend you to sit inside at one of its tables next to the large windows, so you can enjoy the sun and a good snack in company.

What do you think of our recommendations? Have we left any type of food that is essential? If you want to continue discovering the best places in our city, you cannot miss this post on our Spaneasy Blog where we talk about some mythical confectioneries and candy stores throughout Madrid. Until next time Spaneasiers!

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