Soup time!

Hello Spaneasiers! How are your classes going? Are you having an amazing time in our school? We hope so! On today’s post we want to talk about the greatest meal to fight the cold weather and the rain: soup. We have selected some of the best places to have this dish in its various forms: ramen, cocido, lentils, gazpacho, salmorejo, onion soup and a large etcetera that we will explain! Are you interested? Let’s start!

Our first restaurant is called Soup Bowls and it’s our affordable option for today. It is located near the metro station of Noviciado or Santo Domingo, you only need to walk for 4 minutes from the station to get there. This restaurant has lots of dishes, its main dish is obviously soup (meat, vegetarian or vegan) but you can also get wraps, salads or meatballs (they make them vegan too!). It’s really cheap so if you’re looking for an affordable place to have lunch, we recommend Soup Bowls for sure! 

If you’re looking for a traditional place, we recommend you the restaurant called Zuppa. It’s located two minutes away from the Antón Martín metro station. This place has many different kinds of soup and stews: gazpacho, lentils, salmorejo, pumkin soup, chicken curry stew, thai soup, and a long etcetera. You have to try at least one of them! If you go with somebody who doesn’t like soup that much, they also have hot and cold sandwiches.

Do you want to eat some ramen? Ramen Kagura is your best option! If you fancy a good ramen you must go to this place. It’s always very busy, if you go: go early! It has many types of ramen, rice and sushi. They have vegetarian options too! Are you interested? It’s three minutes away from the Ópera metro station, or eight minutes away if you walk from our school. 

Finally, we had to include the typical soup that every Spanish eats at least once a year: cocido. This dish is a stew made with chickpeas, vegetables and meat. Each ingredient is served separately in different serves named as vuelcos. In the first one you get the sock with the noodles, in the second one you eat the chickpeas and the vegetables and in the third, the meat. But some people like to eat the first and the second together, or the second and the third. 

Are you interested in eating a cocido? We recommend you the restaurant called La Bola. This dish is expensive because you are eating a lot of food, but in here the cocido is delicious and it cost 25 euros. Sounds expensive but it’s totally worth it! 

We hope you liked today’s post, if you have more places where you had the best soup in Madrid, let us know! Need to know more places to eat? Check this post about the best places to have croquetas

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