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Irene A.

Irene A.

I was born in Madrid, I am not Gato though. My favourite food is Spanish omelette with onions! On weekends I love hiking in the mountains of Madrid. I’m a big movie buff. One of my favourite Spanish movies is Primos, have you seen it?
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Hello Spaneasiers! Now that we have come back from our vacations, how is your routine doing? Did you miss it, or would you like to live in an everlasting summer? We’re back full of energy but if we want this energy to last, we will need to relax sometimes. That’s why today we bring you the perfect plan to relax by yourself or with some friends in Madrid. When we think about relaxation and selfcare, we immediately think about a spa or a massage, so here you have our favorite places where you can enjoy these kinds of treatments:

Firstly, in the Malasaña neighborhood we can find a small place called Mthai which is well-known for its Thai massages. One thing that we find curious about it is that they ask the intensity of your massage and they do courses where they explain how to give a true Thai massage. Also, we love this place because it’s near a café called Aquolina that has the best cakes in Madrid so you can enjoy one after you get your massage to top a selfcare day!

If you’re interested in having a unique experience with Arabic baths, you have to visit Hammam Al Andalus. Their baths are built on top of a roman tank, so with it and the decoration you feel you are in an Arabic bath from many centuries ago. They offer many types of treatments to do with your Arabic baths. It’s a great experience but maybe a little expensive.

Lastly but not least, if you are a true fan of Japanese culture, there’s a place near our school called Esenzias. When you enter the door, you will be transported into a Japanese onsen with the full experience. They offer many treatments, our favorite one is the pack that includes one hour in the onsen and a massage (you can choose between five options). Also, one thing that made us fall in love with this onsen, is that they offer some tea when you finish but if you want something to eat near Esenzias there’s a café called Livin’ Japan that offers really good meals!

Hope you like our ideas to have a selfcare day, if you visit some of these places let us know in the coments! If you want to discover more cool places in Madrid you should read this post where we show you great places to take pictures. See you soon Spaneasiers!

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