Three Spanish TV shows that will help you to learn Spanish


¡Hello Spaneasiers! Learning Spanish is not an easy thing to do, especially if you are a lazy ass who loves the sofa. However, we have the perfect solution for you. You will get to practice your listening skills while you learn new vocabulary and colloquial expressions. How? Very easy! TV shows are here for you.

Depending on your level you can choose between Spanish subtitles or no subtitles at all! Our recommendation is to start listening while you read the subtitles in your mother tongue. Once you feel that you have no difficulty in following the plot, you should try Spanish subtitles. After that, if you can perfectly understand what the characters say, you are ready to watch the show without subtitles. Congrats!

Gran Hotel

If you like drama, this is your show. Julio Olmedo plays the lead in this Spanish soap opera. He goes to the Gran Hotel in order to find his sister, but instead he finds out that she is missing. He decides to stay at the hotel and begins to work as a waiter. Meanwhile he digs deeper into his sister’s mysterious disappearance and falls in love with the owner’s daughter. Quite interesting, right?

El tiempo entre costuras

The next show we suggest watching is a high budget one. Promising, uh? The story of Sira Quiroga is quite intriguing. She is a dressmaker who runs away from Madrid to Morocco leaving her mother and her boyfriend behind. Right before the Spanish Civil War she settles down in Morocco with Ramiro, whom she barely knows. At first, it all seems fantastic, but her new life is just about to start.


Isabel is not only the name of this famous Spanish TV show, but also the name of the main character. She is a sweet young woman who struggles to become one of the greatest rulers in Spanish history. So if you like to know a little bit more about Spanish history while learning Spanish, this is your show.

Of course there are many other fantastic shows that will help you to improve your Spanish, but these are our suggestions. So you know, next time you feel like binge-watching, consider one of these Spanish TV shows.

Nevertheless, if these shows are not your cup of tea at all, do not worry! You can always watch old soap operas that you have already watched. But this time try watching them in Spanish, it will be easier since you know the plot. And what is more, if you go online, you will be able to rewind and pause until you understand the dialogues.

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