The best torrijas in Madrid

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How are your Spanish classes going at our school? Are you waiting for the Easter break? Although this year we cannot enjoy all the possibilities that this holiday gives us, we can still enjoy some things such as the typical food that everyone eats: torrijas. Therefore, today we bring you the best places to eat the most delicious torrijas in all of Madrid.

In the first place we have this year’s winner of the IV Best Torrijas Contest in Madrid: Paco Pastel. Located in El Escorial, it offers the best torrija in the entire Community of Madrid since it mixes the traditional recipe but with a different touch when making its own bread. But they offer more than just this sweet, you can also taste other sweet and savory foods. And they also offer home delivery if you live in the area!

On the other hand, on 5 Botoneras Street, very close to Plaza Mayor, we find Los Galayos Restaurant. This place is well-known for being a family place where the cochinillo (a roasted suckling pig) is the star in every table. However, the torrijas they serve are not far behind since in addition to being served with nougat ice cream, these torrijas are so good thanks to the bread, since they are emulsified with milk, lemon, orange and cinnamon. Making it taste amazing!

Finally, for our readers who miss out on many foods for being celiac, don’t worry we have also thought of you! Like Paco Pastel, the Manacel brand has won the award for the best gluten-free torrija in Madrid. This store is located in the Fuente del Berro Neighborhood, more specifically in 19 Lanuza Street, offers an infinity of gluten-free products. We recommend you visit this place to buy this delicious torrija, so you can enjoy its tasty flavor.

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Have you ever tried torrijas? Where did you first try them?

If you love cooking and you want to make them in your own home, here is the complete recipe where we will explain the history of torrijas, the necessary ingredients and the preparation. It seems difficult but we promise that in 20 minutes you will have them ready to eat.

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