The Motors Market

Madrid is a city that is aware of its history and the emotional value of many of its spaces. Regardless of whether they have become obsolete or deteriorated, citizens demand the revitalization of their favorite areas of the city in order to preserve their true essence. This is the reason why nowadays we can enjoy places like the Motors Market in Madrid.
The Railroad Museum hosts this special market in one of its industrial units, a market that is dedicated to leisure and purchases. The history of this place goes back to 1879, when it worked as an authentic train station being the main entrance point of the city until 1971, when it closed its service completely.
In 1983 the Railroad Museum (that already existed) was moved to the abandoned station. It includes a very complete collection about the Spanish railway history, so with one visit you will have the chance to see both a museum and a market.
The place maintains still today the appearance of how it was in the past, as it has been restored with this proper purpose. This majestic industrial architectural jewel of the nineteenth century is a reason itself to discover this place, as well as for being an ideal place to protect you from the cold, the heat, the rain or the sun.
Unfortunately the Motors Market is only open the second weekend of the month, so you’d better check out the dates before going there. It is characterized by having a multitude of stalls where you can buy clothes, antiques, collectibles, designer furniture, records and old books…it is an ideal place for those curious buyers who are looking for something that surprises them.
The option to go there for shopping is just one of the possibilities, since it also has entertainment proposals such as live concerts, workshops and various activities aimed both at children and adults. If you prefer to have a more quietly afternoon, there are also spaces where you can sit down and chat with friends while drinking something.
As a curious fact to attract moviegoers, part of the film Doctor Zhivago was shot in these industrial units, so they are also the stage of one of the most important films in the history of cinema.
The address is Paseo de las Delicias, 61 (Metro Delicias). The entrance is free and is open on Saturdays from 11am to 10pm and on Sundays from 11am to 8pm.
The range of reasons why you might be interested in visiting this place is varied; here at Spaneasy we consider visiting the Motors Market a safe bet for a day of leisure. Tell us, do you like collections and antiques? Answer us in the comments.

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