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Hello Spaneasiers! How are your Spanish classes going? We hope that you are learning a lot with us and that you are happy to share your Spanish experience with us. On today’s post we want to show you our favorite places to take really cool photos in Madrid. Some of these places you have to visit them in a specific time of the year because that’s when you will be able to have the best pictures and experience.

We couldn’t start without La Quintana de los Molinos. This is a park that you must visit when the flowers of the almond tree are open because you will be able to take marvelous pictures with the beautiful pink and white colors of its flowers. It’s located in the neighborhood of El Salvador, but it will seem like you are in another part of the world. It also has so many types of trees, fountains and long trails to walk, it is a place to spend the whole afternoon!

If you are looking for a place that looks like a small jungle, you should visit a greenhouse located in Legazpi, specifically next to El Matadero. This greenhouse is a very special place because it has so many different types of plants that it will make you look like you moved to another place, but you haven’t moved! Also, when you finish, it is great because you have El Matadero next to it and in there you will be able to take really cool places if you are looking for an industrial space. There’s a lot of people that take really crazy pictures in there, for sure your imagination will flow!

By the other hand, if you want a quiet place to take pictures where no one will bother you, your place is the Rosaleda del Parque Oeste. It’s located near to Debod, you just need to walk down the stairs that are behind the temple, where you will see a park, if you go through it you will find some wood stairs and at the end you will se the rosegarden. For us it’s a magical place because it has so many types of flowers and if you are by yourself you can choose any place to take as many pictures as you like!

Lastly but not least, we recommend visiting the Atocha Station. If you didn’t know, inside it has a small greenhouse in the middle and it is a perfect place to take pictures with the plants and the structure of the station. It’s a tricky place to take good pictures because you need to have a bit of imagination, but for sure you will have really nice photos.

That’s everything for today Spaneasiers! We hope that you enjoyed today’s post and if you visit any of these places or you have a recommendation let us know in the comments! If you want to discover more places, here you have three places to watch the best sunsets!

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See you!

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