Things to do after quarantine in Madrid


Hello Spaneasiers! How are you all doing? We hope you are feeling well and that you are having a good time even if we are in a situation like this one. Also, we hope your Spanish classes are going great and you are learning a lot! On today’s post, as we see that the quarantine might end soon, we wanted to bring you some great ideas to do outside.

We know that something that everybody is dying to do is to go outside and walk a little and to enjoy some fresh air. That’s why we recommend going for a walk to a nearby park or a park that you have never been to! It would be a great opportunity to discover new parks while you enjoy a sunny day. But maybe a short walk in a park isn’t for you and you need long routes, no worries! There is a page called Wikiloc which tells you all the routes that exist in Madrid, there are thousands of trails: some made for hiking, some for biking, etcetera. Some routes are near, and you can get to them by public transport, but there are some that you may need to find another way to get to the start of the route. If you are looking for hiking trails we recommend going to the north of Madrid, meanwhile if you go to the south you can find long routes around for example Aranjuez.

By the other hand, if you aren’t a walk person, why not making a picnic date? Even if it is with a friend or just yourself! As we said before, we’re approaching good weather so it’s a great idea if you want to relax, make great food (maybe your favorite meals or you could try new things too), put comfy clothes and look for a great place in the grass to start your picnic. After enjoying your meal, you can sunbathe or read a book; and if you are with some friends maybe you can play board games, or you could paint a little! There are so many options!

Lastly but not least, if you are tired of working out at home… why not making a gymkhana with some friends? You can put some spots with some exercises to do and for sure you wll have so much fun.

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That’s everything for today! If you have any more ideas don’t hesitate to tell us. See you soon and take care!

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