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Today we wanted to talk about Spanish music, specifically, we wanted let you know the top Spanish artists of the actuality and their best songs. Are you ready? 😉

We can’t start without the flamenco queen, the singer and song writer that is outshining the music world with her songs, her videos and her style. If you were thinking about Rosalía you were right! Everybody knows her, she became kind of famous with her collaborations with famous artists but she was launched to fame with her first album: El Mal Querer with really good songs like MALAMENTE or BAGDAD. Some of her songs are great for partying! We can’t stop listening to Con altura and Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi.

By the other hand, you have to listen to C.Tangana, a Madrid based artist who became famous for songs like Mala Mujer or his collaboration with Rosalía in the son Antes de Morirme. Have you heard them? Which one is your favourite?

One artist that we always listen to her songs when we go out or we party is Bad Gyal. This artist is very famous because her songs are heard in every radio station of the country at any time, but they sound the best at night. Some of her best songs are Fiebre, Alocao or Internationally. Do you know them?

A famous dancer and singer who we can’t miss in this post is Lola Indigo. This girl participated in the famous contest: Operación Triunfo. She wasn’t the winner of her edition, but when she was kicked out she started making music by herself and everybody started listening to her music and seeing her videos on YouTube because she has a dance group and they are amazing! Some songs you can’t miss from her are: Ya no quiero na, Mujer Bruja and her collaboration with Don Patricio: Lola Bunny (we love this one!).

If you don’t like reggaeton that much, you should listen to Amaia, the winner of the contest Operación Triunfo and the artist who represented Spain in the Eurovision festival in 2018. You can also listen to Beret, he has some very famous songs that are heard on the national radios and Latin-American radios too!

Who is your favorite Spanish artist? And your favorite Spanish song? If you liked this post you should check “Learn Spanish with Songs“.

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