What are the most spoken languages in the world?

Hello Spaneasiers! I am sure you have ever wondered what the most spoken languages in the world are. You have probably thought about Chinese and, of course, English. But what about the others? What other languages have millions of speakers to? Let’s figure it out in today’s post. Place your bets!

  1. Punjabi

Do Bollywood movies sound familiar to you? Many of these movies are in Hindi, but many others are in Punjabi. Around 100 million people speak this language between India and Pakistan. However, it is not considered an official language in Pakistan.

  1. Japanese

130 million people speak Japanese. Isn’t it crazy? Most of them live in the same country, Japan. Others live in USA, Brasil or Philippines.

  1. Russian

Russian is one of the United Nations languages. What’s more, it has 170 million speakers in 5 different countries. This language has a great influence on Latvia, Estonia and Norway.

  1. Bengali

Bengali has 200 million speakers, but where do they come from? Bengali is spoken mostly in Bangladesh, but it is also official in India and Burma.

  1. Portuguese

This “nice and sweet language”, according to Miguel de Cervantes, is spoken by 230 million speakers in different continents of the globe. Let’s admit it! It is very nice, almost like a song.

  1. Arabic

Arabic has a huge variety of dialects which are very different from each other. The differences are so big that speakers of the different dialects might not understand each other.

  1. Hindi

Caution! Hindi is growing and growing every day. Next time we rank the most spoken languages in the world, Hindi might be the first one! It has 273 million speakers in India.

  1. English

Of course, English is one of the most spoken languages in the world, but it is not the first one. 360 million speakers use this language as their mother tongue, while 500 million speakers can speak English as a second language.

  1. Spanish

Here we are! Top 2 in our ranking for the Spanish language. It is spoken by more than 400 million speakers in all continents.

  1. Chinese

Here’s our winner! It is an official language in Taiwan, Singapur and China, but it is also spoken in Vietnam.

Whichever is the language you are learning; they all are beautiful and worth it. So why shouldn’t you learn languages?

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