Where to enjoy snow in Madrid?

Hello there Spaneasiers! How are your Spanish classes in our school going? We hope that your level is improving daily while you are having so much fun with our Spanish classes. On today’s post we wanted to bring you a bit of fun! If you have been living in Madrid for a long time you will know that it never snows, that is why today we will show you some places near the city that you can visit if you miss playing with the snow with family or friends.
Firstly, there is a really famous port near Madrid called Navacerrada. This port is located in the Guadarrama Mountains and it is one of the best places to play and enjoy the snow with whoever you want. To get there it is really easy because you can get by bus or train, or if you have a car, you can drive there. If you drive, keep in mind that the parking lot will get full really fast, so you will need to get up and get there before nine.
There are plenty of activities you can do in Navacerrada: skiing, sledding, and a long etcetera. And do not worry about the food! There are some restaurants where you can have a hot and delicious meal and you can also rent your equipment for the day.
By the other hand, one hour away from Madrid, also located in the Guadarrama Mountains, we can find the Puerto de Cotos. It is a great place if you like sledding or you go with kids as they have different spaces that are divided by ages and difficulty. If you don’t have your own sleds, you can rent them for about 13 euros for a whole day. Also, if you don’t have a car, you can easily get there by train or bus, but keep in mind that if there is a lot of snow, it will be very busy so get there early!
Lastly, if you want to enjoy the snow when it isn’t cold enough, there is a covered ski slope in a shopping mall called Xanadú. You might know this mall if you have been for a long time in Madrid and you love skiing as they have two slopes (one for beginners and another one for experts). Also, if you don’t like skiing you can play with the snow or tobogganing.
And that is everything for today! Have you visited any of these places? Which one was your favorite? If you want to keep discovering new places in our city or near Madrid, you can’t miss this post where we show you three restaurants that will blow your mind. See you soon!

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