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Hello Spaneasiers! Ready to visit more Spanish cities and practice your Spanish? We’ve got the perfect plan for you. It is a very well-known city in Aragon, formerly called Caesaraugusta. Any clues? It has a beautiful cathedral and a mighty river. Have you already guessed it? Yes, that’s right. We are talking about Zaragoza. Here some tips for a fantastic weekend in this amazing place.

First things first, La Basílica del Pilar is a mandatory visit. The inside of this temple is an example of the baroque. You can even admire Goya’s paintings. If you want to visit la Pilarica, the statue of the virging Mary, you’ll find her inside the chapel. It is worth it!

After that, we suggest going for a walk along the riverside up to Acuario Fluvial de Zaragoza (Expo). There you’ll encounter magnificent bridges and very original buildings, such as Pabellón Puente and Torre del Agua.

Next stop: Palacio de la Aljafería. It is a Moorish fortified palace from the 11th Century. Besides from being beautiful, it is one of the few islamic buildings from the Taifas kingdoms which has been preserved, along with the Great Mosque of Cordoba and the Alhambra.

The list of places to visit in Zaragoza is endless, so we recommend you wander through the streets and let the city surprise you. But you can’t do this on an empty stomach, that is why we also want to talk you about bars. You have to try a cheese board and an Ámbar, the traditional beer from Zaragoza. And there is no better way to do this than in El Tubo or, in other words, the tapas’ area. Our top 3 bars in El Tubo are La Miguería, La República and Taberna Doña Casta.

Since we are talking about food, you are probably wondering what dishes are traditional from each region of Spain. Take a look at Spanish Typical Gastronomy and get all the answers! Or book the next flight to Zaragoza and discover its gastronomy by yourself!


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