Security & health

From Spaneasy, always taking as a basis the measures established by the competent bodies in Health and Education, we establish the following protocol with the hygienic-sanitary measures to offer our students the greatest possible safety, minimizing the risk of contagion and maximizing the efficiency of our classes.

Class Development

Entrances & exits

Measures taken by the school

Hygienic-sanitary measures

Just Remember

Use the hydroalcoholic gel frequently
Notify your teacher immediately if you feel bad
Wash your hands before and after going to the bathroom


As a common rule and starting point, the recommendations of good practices of the Ministry of Health will be followed when it comes to avoiding infections among students, in addition to other extraordinary rules of daily hygiene and coexistence adapted to our activity:

Rules of daily hygiene and coexistence

Responsible team

Previous recommendations
to families & students

How should I
wash my hands?

Use Soap
Rub the palms
Rub the back
Between Fingers
Rub nail & fingers
The thumb
Rinse with water
Dry the skin


Before the appearance of symptoms once the course begins, the student must interrupt the classes. After reporting symptoms, you should contact your referring health center and follow instructions.

In the event of a positive for COVID-19, the recommendations of the health services will be followed at all times, and coordinated action will be taken with them.

Spaneasy will notify families and/or guardians the presence of a positive case of COVID-19 in the center of a student in the same time slot and/or in the same classroom; then the instructions of the health authority will be followed.

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