5 curiosities of the Spanish language that you didn’t know



¡Hi Spaneasiers! How are your Spanish lessons going? Any improvements? We know, learning a new language is always tough. There are thousands of new words to learn, many exceptions, irregular verbs…an endless number of boring things to learn by heart. However, we do not want to discourage you, instead all we want to do is cheering you up and helping you to learn Spanish. That’s why today’s post wil show you the funniest curiosities of the Spanish language.

The longest word

23 letters seem enough to build the longest word in Spanish: electroencefalografista. It might be the longest in Spanish, but it does not seem that long for other speakers. For example, Swedish has a 130 letters word: Nodöstersjökustartilleriflygspaningssimulatoranläggningsmaterielunderhallsuppföljningssy-stemdiskussionsinläggsförberedelsearbeten. Too many, don’t you think?

Most common words

If we removed conjunctions, prepositions and determiners from our speech, the result would be vida, años, gobierno and casa. These are the words that Spanish speakers use the most in everyday life.


As well as the words listed above, the letters that we use the most are E (16%), O (11%), L (8%) and S (7%). The least common one? That is W (0.01%).  Very different from English, isn’t it?

The fastest language

If Spanish is not your mother tongue, you probably realized this the very first moment you listened to Spanish. However, it is still a curiosity that the Spanish language is the fastest. This means that Spanish speakers can say great amount of syllables per second.

Official language in 5 continents

Many people tend to think that the Spanish language is exclusively spoken in American and Europe, but this is not true at all. Spanish is official in all continents. It is one of the offical languages in Equatorial Guinea, Africa. It is official in Asia as well, since it is spoken in Philippines.  And more suprisingly, it is the official language in Easter Island, Oceania.

Isn’t Spanish fascinating? We think so, that’s why we suggest reading Learning a language in Modern Age.


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