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Hello Spaneasiers! How are your classes going? Are you enjoying your time in Spaneasy? We hope you are having so much fun and you are learning a lot of Spanish. On today’s post we want to talk about traveling and discovering Spain, but it has so many cities that we will talk about a route through two cities of Castilla y León in three days. If you want to visit other cities we recommend Zaragoza in a weekend

The trip starts in Madrid, getting the train that will bring you to Ávila. The trains to get to the cities we want you to visit are very easy to get and kind of cheap because for 50 euros you have a return ticket. Also, the trip is very short! In a few hours you will be in your destination. But, if you don’t like to use public transport you can go by car, but you have to keep in mind that you will need to pay some tolls. Depending on your likes and your budgets you can choose your way of transport. You will get faster to Ávila and Salamanca if you go by car, but it isn’t a huge difference if you go by train.

If you go by train, we recommend to get the first one in the morning, so you can enjoy Ávila for a whole day and then at night, you can get a train to Salamanca so you can spend the night in the city so have two days to enjoy of Salamanca.

Ávila is really small so in less than a day you can visit the most important parts. Meanwhile, Salamanca is much bigger, and it has more things and plans to enjoy.

In Ávila, we recommend going to the historic center to visit the Romanesque Wall which is recognized as a World Heritage Site. If you want to see the great views that offers the Wall, you will have to pay 5 euros, but it you are students it will be 3,50€. It’s beautiful and you can take great pictures from it. When you get down, you should walk around the streets and enter a patisserie to try the delicious “yemas abulenses”. These are egg yolks with granulated sugar and water. We also recommend looking for a bar to try the best tapas and typical Spanish dishes. In the afternoon, you should visit the Cathedral and San Vicente’s Basilica.

When you get to Salamanca, it would be a nice option to do a free tour because you will know the history of the city and they will show you the most important places. Later on, we recommend going to one of this bars: Rufo’s, Vinodiario or Cuzcobodega. They are really nice! And if you look for a place to party, you have to go to the Bender Pub.

We hope you enjoyed today’s post, if you visit one of these cities le tus know and send us some pictures!

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