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Theintensive Spanish courseis our most complete spanish course. It is designed for those people that want to focus on learning spanish and our culture as main activity during their stay in Madrid. It is a linguistic immersion that covers all the different aspects of the Spanish language and culture. It is the perfect course for two student profiles: for those who want to learn as much as possible with only a few weeks available and for those who want to stay in Spain for a long time and need a study visa.

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Up to 9 weeks 160€
10-20 weeks 144€
21 to 47 weeks 136€
48 weeks 120€
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Certifications and Achievements

* Each class lasts 50 minutes.

All courses are subject to the payment of a tuition fee that will only be paid the first time the student enrolls in our school, except for online classes that are exempt from tuition. The fee includes all materials and the corresponding textbook for the course. For this course the tuition is 50 euros.


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