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Spaneasy is an educational project specialized in teaching Spanish to foreigners, founded in 2016. The school is located in the heart of Madrid and offers a modern and functional environment, with 4 fully equipped classrooms, a library service and a rest area. Spaneasy has a team of qualified native teachers specialized in teaching Spanish through a dynamic and practical methodology. We are waiting for you!

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Experience & quality

Live the best experience

Spaneasy is in an unbeatable location . We are located in the heart of Madrid, less than a minute from Puerta del Sol.

We are a young team of native teachers highly qualified and passionate about teaching Spanish.

We have developed a own teaching method Task-based with a communicative approach that will facilitate and accelerate your learning.

For this, we have the latest technologies in our classrooms, we make classes a interactive, dynamic and fun experience .

Do not hesitate to contact us, our student care team will help you to solve any doubts about Madrid and our courses.

Spaneasy learning School has obtained the accreditation of the Institute Cervantes , which means that it complies with the conditions established by the Institute Center Accreditation System Cervantes , the only accreditation in the international arena focused exclusively on the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.

Our great team

Proud of them

Our multilingual administrative team is made up of enthusiastic people who have been selected for their open-mindedness, their desire to discover new cultures and their experience with students from all over the world. They will help you before your arrival and throughout the course with any problem or need you may have. An essential support for your stay in Madrid!

Let yourself also be surprised by our teachers: a young, dynamic team with an important journey in the world of training. All teachers are native speakers and have a specific qualification that allows them to carry out their work with seriousness, preparation and excellent results. Many of them have also completed the Master in Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE) and are DELE examiners.
Our teachers are characterized by having a true vocation: their passion is teaching and promoting Spanish culture and they will be the ones who will accompany you in your learning, opening the doors to a true experience of growth.




Expert in linguistics and passionate about languages, with extensive experience in managing Spanish schools for foreigners. At Spaneasy he is in charge of directing and developing the department of marketing, expansion and student service. She will be delighted to make your Spaneasy experience unforgettable.




Spanish teacher and head of the Head of Studies at Spaneasy. He studied Hispanic Philology, has a Master's Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language and has been related to Spanish all his life. What he likes most in the world are words and the way they express what we think, what we want and what we hate. It has a cheerful, dynamic and vital character.




A Spanish teacher, she also has a Master's Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. She loves languages and her great vocation is to teach because, according to her, being a Spanish teacher allows her to unite two of her passions, the Spanish language and teaching. Its main mission is that its students enjoy learning.




Spanish teacher. Graduated in Primary Education Teaching, he also has a Master's Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. He combines his passion for Spanish with theater and acting. Its main objective is for students to learn this wonderful language while having fun, immersed in a warm and positive environment.




He has been a Spanish teacher for several years. He studied Hispanic Philology at the Complutense University and specialized in teaching Spanish, completing a master's degree in Granada. He loves music, boxing and teaching. He is currently studying English, programming, guitar and piano. He loves to teach in a playful and entertaining way.




Spanish teacher with a degree in Primary Education and a Master's Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. A music and teaching enthusiast, he combines his training in education with his higher studies at the Conservatory of Music. His positive, creative attitude and very focused on each student, makes learning Spanish a fun and motivating path.



Student service

Sociologist specialized in Human Resources, passionate about dealing with people. At Spaneasy, she is part of the department of student care and human resources. You can find her at the school reception, with a lot of energy and a smile. She is open and friendly and will be delighted to welcome you to Spaneasy.




Responsible for management and billing. Passionate about finances from an early age, she is responsible for Spaneasy's financial department. She is meticulous, demanding and a perfectionist. She has a great spirit of teamwork, which is why she is delighted to support the tasks of attention and information to the students at the school reception.

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Do you have any doubt?

Contact us and we will advise you on the best options for you, we will be happy to inform you and help you.


Close language

Teaching not only the language, but the spanish culture in a close and amigable form. We carry out a detailed study of the difficulties faced by our students, to develop a method increasingly adapted to the teaching of Spanish as a second language.

We not only have online courses, but we also facilitate language immersion through different experiences in our country, because we understand that there is no better way to learn a language than experiencing it day by day. Our teachers, experts in language teaching, are passionate about their work, aware of the beauty of their work.


Union of cultures

Learn the language & the culture of a place other than where we were born is a way of opening our minds Y to generate a communication channel between communities. Spaneasy aims to be a forum in which, through the teaching of the language & Spanish culture, we can bring closer different ways of seeing the world.

In a new world where it is possible to be on the other side of the planet in a few hours, where we can talk over the internet with a person who is thousands of kilometers away as if they were next door, the only brake is communication. We want to think that if we are able to help everyone understand each other a little better, we are doing our bit for a more just world.


More to learn

At Spaneasy, the student becomes the total protagonist of the learning process and the axis around which all activities, courses and workshops revolve.  To achieve full participation and ease in acquiring the language, we work with a communicative approach by tasks. This approach is a didactic proposal that is based on teaching Spanish through the activities of using it: oral interaction, written interaction, oral expression and written expression.

Our teachers represent a link between Spanish society, culture and language and the learning process of our students. For this reason, we always try to ensure that the content and materials taught in class are real, of quality and that they reflect each and every one of the characteristics of Spanish. 

Our objectives

  • Importance

    Spanish is an indispensable communication vehicle in the world.

  • Tools

    We will provide you with tools and techniques to be able to defend yourself in Spanish from day one.

  • Communication

    You will develop communication and comprehension skills to reduce language and cultural barriers.

Our students

International culture

Our school has a very broad intercultural environment, with students from more than 40 different countries. The average age of the students ranges between 20 and 40 years, although we have had students of 8 and even 80 years! 

The students we receive in person mainly belong to two profiles: there are those who live and work in Madrid, therefore they usually choose an extensive course or specific individual classes in Business Spanish, and students who come to live an immersion in the Spanish language and culture during their holidays or during a sabbatical year, so they choose an intensive course.

From 2020 Spaneasy has considerably increased its offer of online classes, in order to adapt to this new situation. We have made our hours and teaching methods more flexible to continue to provide quality teaching also to students affected by travel restrictions. 

At Spaneasy we pride ourselves on the high rate of students who, after taking a course with us, decide to continue their learning path year after year at our center.  

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