Spain, the secret of a long life

The OECD has just published a report that states Spain as the second country with the higher life expectancy (83 years) overtaken only by Japan (83.9). Are we hiding the secret of longevity? Not exactly: the reasons can be easily identified, and on this post we are going to point them out.

Analyzing life standards statistics is a good way to know the qualities and the problems of our country, so pay attention: here you can find some good reasons to move to Spain.

Health service

The Spanish public health service is free and accessible to everyone, which has been positive to improve people’s quality of life on the last past decades. Also, among the developed countries, Spain is over average in the number of doctors per thousand inhabitants (3.8).

Moreover Spain is one of the countries with the lowest rate in the world of child and maternal mortality. This rate, according to the National Bureau for Economic Research, underlines how the low mortality is directly related to an easy access to medical attention.

Healthy lifestyle

The well-known Mediterranean diet, recognized by UNESCO as “intangible cultural heritage of humanity”, is a source of good health for Spaniards. The huge variety of the typical Spanish dishes gives us enough chances to avoid some harmful habits like eating junk food.

Environmental factors

The pollution in the air, water and ground causes serious illnesses. A research from UN says that only the 5% of illnesses among Spaniards are directly caused by environmental conditions, being lower than the European Union average (6%) and the worldwide average (13%).

Social factors

A peaceful society like the Spanish is the result of a very low criminality rate. In 2016 Spain has been declared the ninth country in the world for low rate of homicides. In our culture it is also a great value the social support and cohesion: Spanish people used to rely on friends and family, that also has a good impact on the health.

The Spanish quality of life is not only recognized by Spaniards themselves –7 out of 10 Spaniards consider they are happy- but also foreigners do it as well: Spain is the favorite destination for lots of retired Europeans, and a poll pointed out that among British expats, the ones who live in Spain are the happiest.

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What do you think about Spain? Do you consider there is a good quality of life?

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