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Hello Spaneasiers! How are your Spanish classes going? We hope that you are having a good time in our school while you’re learning our language and also you’re discovering our culture. On today’s post we want to bring you a well-known recipe that is loved by many Spaniards: fideuá.

To make this plate for four people you will need:

  • Eight prawns, thinking that each person will take two.
  • One cuttlefish or one squid, you choose the one you like the most.
  • Few clams
  • Fish broth
  • Noodles (we recommend the Nº 1, as it’s one of the thinner sizes)
  • Garlic
  • Tomatoes
  • White wine
  • Oil and salt


  1. Having all the ingredients ready, what you need to do in first place is to clean the fish and once is cleaned you need to chop the squid or the cuttlefish. Then, in a pot, you should put some White wine with the clams over a low flame until they are open. Once they are ready, move them to the side.


  1. While the clams are opening, we can put some oil in a pan where we will make the fideuá in medium heat and once is hot we will brown the prawns just a bit as you don’t want them overcooked and dry. Once they are ready, move them to the side and ad in the pan the squid and the chopped garlic until they are brown. Then, you need to add the two or three spoons of grated tomatoes and add a pinch of salt so they can be stir-fried. Once it’s ready, you need to add the noodles, the clams and we sauté it. When it’s done, add the prawns in a cute way and move the whole pan to the side.


  1. In the pot we used earlier where we had the clams, you need to put the fish broth until it’s hot so you can add it (not entirely as this meal can’t be soupy) to the fideuá carefully in low heat as you don’t want to tear the prawns. Once the mix has been done and the noodles have slurped the broth you need to put the whole pan in the oven at around 180º until it’s a bit toasted.  Then, your meal will be ready and you just need to serve it and add a bit of alioli so it tastes better!


And that’s everything for today! We hope you liked today’s recipe, but if you want to try more we recommend these two.

See you soon!


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