Language Learning in the Modern Age


Do you every find yourself wanting to practice Spanish outside of the classroom by yourself?  Thanks to modern technology we can continue the language learning process outside of the academy, no book required.  Open up the app store because today we are looking at different language learning apps that can help you practice daily.

When most people encounter the phrase `language app´ their first thought is Duolingo.  This free app incorporates grammar and vocabulary.  Are you a complete beginner?  Then you are in luck. Helpful pictures, clear audio and a wide variety of topics can help you establish a solid basis in your quest to learn a new language.  If you are familiar with the language, you can test out of the categories so you do not waste your time.  Set the native language for yourself and choose what langauges you want to learn or improve.  Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Swahili, Vietnamese, and even fictional languages like Star Trek´s Klingon or Game of Thrones´ High Valyrian are just some of the many language this app has to offer.  Set a daily goal and earn lingots each time you complete a category.  Customize the Duolingo owl as you progress further with your language learning.

The site SpanishDict and their app Fluencia has a lot of offer for those wanting to improve their Spanish.  A Spanish dictionary, translations, grammar guides, verb conjugations and quizzes allow you to continue learning Spanish on your own time.  Their large collection of articles vary from `Past Perfect Subjunctive Forms´ to `How to Sound like a Local in Spain´.  Take an afternoon to browse the article section and marvel at the hundreds of helpful Spanish guides.

If learning vocabulary is your main goal, then check out Memrise. This interactive app will teach you vocabulary and basic phrases that you can use in everyday conversation.  Adjust your listening ear to different Spanish accents as you watch the brief clips using the target language.  Pick the option to learn Spanish from Mexico, or Spain, with Memrise.  Other languages offered with this app include Russian, Chinese, Norwegian, Mongolian, and more.  Practice daily with these flashcard and multiple choice questions.

These apps are free, but you can upgrade your account by paying a fee to unlock other features from the apps.  With so many ways to learn languages, the world is at your fingertips.  Pair these fun and engaging apps with our courses at Spaneasy and you are sure to improve your Spanish language learning while you enjoy your stay in Spain.

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