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Hello Spaneasiers! How is your quarantine going? Do you realize that we are all living an historical moment that future generations will learn in school? We’re trying to take this time as positive as possible while we look at ways to entertain ourselves, that’s why in today’s post we want to show you some ways to rest a bit of your Spanish classes while you enjoy a visit to some museums of Madrid. Are you ready? Let’s go!

We want to start with a well-known museum of the capital, which we have also talked about in other posts: el Museo del Prado. This museum usually does a 10 minute direct on their Instagram and Facebook page to explain a painting that you can discover in its expositions, but now that we are quarantined, they are doing a 1 hour direct. They also upload videos to their YouTube account, and you can find some researching papers and restoration of some pieces.

Moreover, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum has some online expositions that you can go through virtually on their webpage. You will find expositions from Monet, Dalí, Rembrandt and more. For the last exposition they also have a Spotify playlist inspired in the artist and his paintings. Also, if you love fashion, they have some expositions about Balenciaga and other brands and important people.

There’s a less known museum called MAN or Museo Arqueológico Nacional (National Arqueologic Museum) which is full of expositions about the Spanish Peninsula from its beginnings with archeologic findings. Usually it uses VR glasses to explain its visitors a part of the exhibition, but now they have collaborated with Samsung to bring the museum to our homes with VR technology. If you want to visit it, click here.

Lastly but not least, we recommend to visit Google Arts & Culture which if you didn’t know its existence, it has millions of virtual expositions from lots of museums around the world. For example, there are some virtual expositions from the Reina Sofía Museum and its different locations. This app also has a timeline which explains the history of the city using the pieces from different museums of Madrid.

And that’s everything from today! We hope you have enjoyed today’s post and that you will visit these museums while you enjoy the comfort of your house. If you have any recommendations let us know! Also, if you want to keep having fun at home we recommend this post about great Spanish movies to watch on Netflix, and if you are interested in learning Spanish from home we have the perfect online courses for you. See you soon! Take care and keep learning Spanish! 😉


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