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Student Visa
in Spain

In order to learn a language the best way possible, we always recommend a total immersion. In our Spanish courses in Madrid our teachers try to bring the language and the Spanish culture to the classroom, but in order to make the most out of it you have to live in Spain where you will be forced to speak the language and learn the culture.

This way, if you want to come to our country and learn the language and the culture faster, we recommend applying for a Student Visa in Spain!

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Getting a Student Visa is a really bureaucratic, time consuming process. We want to let you know that we are here to help, we can help to make the process easier so that you can focus in what’s important, living a great experience in Madrid.

Choose one of our courses and we will help you out through out the whole process.

Spanish Student
Visa Procedure

Depending on your home country or how long you want to stay, different regulations are applied. Please keep in mind this guide is only related to people who come to Spain to study. There are other types of visas you can apply to, if you want more information about those, we recommend visiting the Spanish Ministry website.

EU/EEA/Swiss citizens

European Union citizens are required to apply for a NIE (foreigner identity number) only if they plan to stay in Spain for more than 3 months. This application must be submitted within three months from the date of entry into Spain.

The NIE will be essential when carrying out any type of bureaucratic procedure in Spain.


  • Free official form EX-15, original and copy.
  • Proof of appointment.
  • Valid passport or National Identity Card from your country of origin (original and photocopy).
  • Documentation proving you are a student (confirmation letter stamped by Spaneasy). Original and photocopy.
  • Fee model 790 (Cod. 12), 10,60€ paid at any bank.


Non EU/EEA/Swiss citizens

For citizens from other countries that aren’t included in the EU, the procedure to obtain a student visa in Spain can be difficult. There is one thing that we always ask to keep in mind, depending on where you are from, the procedure can take longer than expected. This is due to some countries having agreements with Spain, and some others not having them.

If you’re coming to study in Spain for less than 90 days, you don’t need a visa unless you come from a country for which a visa is required to enter Spain normally. You can check if you require a visa for your 3 month stay clicking here.

However, if you plan to study Spanish for more than three months, you are required to have a visa. The process begins in your home country, where you have to begin the solicitation.


  • To be a citizen of any country or state apart from the EU, the EEA or Switzerland.
  • The entry into Spain must not be denied.
  • To have sufficient financial means to cover the expenses of the stay and return to your country.
  • To have a public or private health insurance that provides full coverage in Spain.
  • In the case of underage students who are not accompanied by their parents or guardians, the student needs their authorization, with proof of the center, organization, entity, and body responsible for the activity and the planned period of stay.
  • To have been admitted to an authorized teaching center in Spain for the completion of a full-time program, leading to obtaining a certificate of studies

If the duration of the student’s stay is longer than six months, it will also be required:

  • If the student is of legal age, there must be a lack of criminal records in Spain and in the student’s home country during the last five years.
  • Not to suffer from any disease that can have public health repercussions.

Required Documentation

Note: In general, copies of the documents must be provided, and the originals must be exhibited at the time of submitting the application.

  • National visa application form, in an official model, in duplicate, completed and signed by the foreigner or his/her legal representative in case of being a minor. This form can be obtained here.
  • Valid passport with a minimum validity of the period for which the stay is requested.
  • Certified documentation proving the student has the necessary financial means for the requested period and for the return to the country of origin.
  • In case of underage students, an authorization from the parents or guardians which states the responsible center, organization, and entity, among the planned period of stay.
  • Documentation proving the student has health insurance.
  • Documentation accrediting the student has been admitted to a school/academy.

If the duration of the student’s stay is longer than six months, it will also be required:

  • Medical Certificate
  • Criminal record issued by the country-of-origin authorities in which the student has lived for the last five years.
Important Note

When foreign documents are provided, they must be translated into Spanish or the co-official language of the territory where the application is submitted. If you come to our school in Madrid, documents must be translated into Spanish. However, standard EU forms don’t need to be translated.

All foreign public document must be previously legalized by the Spanish Consular Office


  • The student has to submit the application personally.
  • Place of presentation: Spanish diplomatic mission or consular office in whose area the foreigner resides.
  • Fee: it has to be paid at the time of applying for the visa.
  • Term of resolution and issuance of the visa: the maximum period of time to notify the resolution is one month from the day following the date of presentation of the application at the competent consular office for processing. After said period, if the Administration has not given an express response, it may be understood that the request has been rejected due to administrative silence.
  • If the visa is granted, it must be collected within two months from the notification.
  • The duration of the stay will be equal to the studies that will be carried out, with a maximum of one year.
  • If the duration of the student’s stay is longer than six months, the foreigner must personally request the Foreigner’s Identity Card within one month of coming to Spain. It can be requested at the Immigration Office or in a Police Station.
  • The student can be authorized to work in Spain if the job is compatible with the completion of their studies and the obtained income is lower than the necessary resource for the student stay.

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